'Murican Christmas 2012

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. I haven't quite gotten into the spirit yet- mainly I'm dodging tourists and people who apparently forget how to walk in the city like a normal human being for the month of December (I mean seriously?!? you're going to take up the entire sidewalk and go 0.002 miles an hour arrrrgggghhhh)- shopping in downtown SF during the holidays is not fun. I need to get my head in the game since Christmas is a week away- woo hoo!!! I need to stop muttering 'seriously/are you serious right now/you've GOT to be kidding me' to all the tourists and perhaps throw in a 'happy holidays' every once in awhile to mix it up a bit. Or I could avoid it all together by shopping online (where I've done 90% of all my shopping...oh Amazon Prime how I love you). Anyways, here's a last minute gift list if you're stumped on what to get for an American loving family member or friend.


Just plain ridiculous(ly awesome):

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