(Foot)Ballin' at a Christmas party

Well I haven't crossed #24 'Go to a football game' off my list yet but I did go to a party with Joe Montana, Dwight Clark and Joe Staley! How did that happen? Well my roommate's company hosted a party for a tree lighting event in downtown SF where Robin Thicke performed- pretty awesome looking tree eh?

 The party was on the 52nd floor and so we had a killer view of the city and plenty of drinks...basically everything that makes for a good party.

Plus there was some dude named Joe Montana...kind of a big deal apparently? Umm yea people freaked out when he came in. He was awesome at posing for pictures with the kids there and put up with all the drunk adults pretty well too. Confession time- three questions I legitimately asked my roommate:
1. What team did Joe Montana play for?
2. What is The Catch?
3. When is football season?
Yup...true story... I did not deserve to be at a party with Joe Montana- my football loving uncle is considering cutting all ties with me. Seriously though, since football season is happening right now I need to get to a game ASAP.

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