Blog-iversary and SF-iversary

The blog is two years old! Like last year I totally forgot to do this in August but whatever its still exciting. And in keeping with my two year anniversary of being 'Murican and writing this blog, I am celebrating by drinking wine (this one from Whole Foods mmm) and binge watching Sons of Anarchy- only on season 1 so don't go spoiling any plot points. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Charlie Hunnam- he is some serious hotness. Anyways, the list has grown to 54 items and I've completed 26 of them making me 48.15% American. Hells yes! I've had an amazing year thanks to my awesome family and fabulous friends- can't wait for another! Thanks to everyone who's made me more American these past 12 months! 


Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend was so much fun! Spent lots of time with friends, tried new things and even got in some relaxing...can we please have three day weekends all the time? How do I make that happen? Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Anyways, first up was bookclub on Friday night- got my inner Martha Stewart on and decorated the mason jars and baked a cake (this cake to be exact). However I did not extend the Martha skills to the actual dinner and just ended up ordering pizza...mainly so I could spend all my time holding the tiniest member of the group (she's so cute!!).