Has this week seemed crazy long to anyone else? I spent all Monday thinking it was Tuesday and all day Thursday thinking it was Friday...sooo glad it is actually finally Friday. Here are some links if you need a mental break at the end of the week like I usually to:


Checking In

So umm yea I've been totally MIA for over a month. Seriously how did March go by so fast?!?! I haven't been posting because I haven't been a good American- with  how fast this year is going by I better get on my list asap (or as Michael Scott would say 'as asap as possible') or the year will be done and I will be no closer to being a true American. Despite being terrible at doing American things, I have been keeping myself busy these past few weeks- with the exception of when I had the worst cold/fever/flu/cough of all time and laid around the house feeling sorry for myself for a week.