Austin in 36 Hours

I love living in SF but so far the hands down winner for favorite city to visit is Austin- friends, food and music...what more could you ask for?!? I've done a pretty good job keeping track of all my trips to my favorite southern city here on this blog but this time was a little different- I was only in Austin for 36 hours so I had to make it count! I flew in to oversee a job for work so I had to spend time at the jobsite but luckily my friend's apartment was 5 minutes away so I got to spend lots of time with her. During my lunch break, I met my co-worker over at Z Tejas in the Austin Arboretum which was a super cool spot and AMAZING, TO DIE FOR cornbread...for serious.

Keeping busy...

Its been an usually hot SF summer (so far) so I've spent less time on my computer and more time outside- which is never a bad thing but means I've been way behind on posting. I haven't been overly American lately (although I technically did jury duty- even got paid my whopping $15). Instead fun things like a visit from Dog have been happening- just check out his adorable face! He even let me put slippers on him before a bedtime cuddle sesh (he may or may not look unhappy about the situation).

Father's Day 2013

As an early Father's Day present, I took my dad on a tour of the Anchor Steam Brewery. So much fun! The tour is free (super classy present I know) and you just have to book way in advance. After a brutal week at work it was the perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon. The tour starts off with a little history of Anchor Steam and micro breweries in general and then we headed out for the tour of the facility.


Exploring SF: Presidio Trails Part 1

 I love living in the city but its nice to get away from the craziness for awhile -which is why I was stoked to learn how many trails there are in the Presidio. This website gives a good overview of the different options- I had no idea! A couple weekends ago, I decided to go for a short walk and ended up walking 9 miles- hard to stop when you have great weather and amazing views. I started off on the Mountain Lake Trail which is 2.6 miles long and goes from the Broadway Gate to Baker Beach.


Mother's Day 2013

Meant to write this one awhile ago but better late than never! We lucked out with amazing weather for Mother's Day so we met my mom at the Ferry Building to load up on some caffeine before walking to the Dogpatch for our Mother's Day festivities. I also gave my mom her Rickshaw Golden Gate tote present which came in handy as we picked up stuff along the way.