Exploring SF: The Mission

Lindsey and I decided that instead of getting each other Christmas presents we would do a roomie SF day. We each wrote down ideas of things we've always wanted to see/do/eat in the city and put them in the pimp cup to be pulled the day of. Since I have no self control I voted we look at all the ideas and pick the ones we thought we could do in a day then go from there.

Happy President's Day

Hope everyone had a good vacation- I love a good three day weekend. Grace at Design Sponge put together a list of 10 Great Presidential-Inspired Designs. I love this print- lots of good info there.


Razmataz Weekend 2013

Utah vaycay! Bonnie's uncle Tim organizes a big ski/snowboard trip every year to Park City and I've been joining in for the last four years. We stay in this awesome cabin near the Canyons resort- close enough that we take a shortcut home from the resort and end up tobogganing down the icy street on our snowboards (so. freaking. fun).


Super Bowl 2013

Last year I checked off an item on my list by hosting a Super Bowl party but this year was a little different. The biggest difference being that I was suuuuper hungover..I kid I kid...the biggest difference is that the SF 49ers were in the Super Bowl. So exciting! Rebecca and I rallied and headed to a local bar to watch the first half of the game. I rallied from a fun night of drinking but Rebecca was rallying from running a half marathon (and setting new PR) in the AM! Despite said half marathon running there was no talk of soreness, instead Rebecca got to hear about how bad my head hurt and how hard it was to get out of bed at 12:30 (yup cry me a river right?) all the way to the bar- luckily for her its a short walk.