January Recap

I'm seriously enjoying this SF winter we're having- can't beat blue skies and warm-ish weather! Despite the awesome weather, this month has been insane- so so busy! Started off great in Whistler (will post about that awesomeness soon), then work got nuts (everyone was kicking of the year with new projects I guess), I got sick (ugh of course) but the month ended on a good note with a big surprise party for my Dad's birthday! Family and friends flew in to celebrate with us and we had a lot of fun deceiving (I'm a good liar) and decorating for the big day- he was totally surprised. I can't wait to see the photos *ahem Elisabeth aka party photographer*

Happy Birthday Dad!

My Dad celebrated a big birthday this month and we surprised him with a big party! My favorite part- besides getting to see family and friends- was going through all the old family photos. I think its no surprise to the people who know me that I like taking pictures - currently have a space issue on my computer (ugh REALLY don't want to deal with that)- and this is exactly why! Its so much fun to look back and see what people were up to at different stages of their lives. For example, looks like my Dad's love of all things bike related started at an early age:


Proud to be 'Murican

Buzzfeed has 29 reasons to be proud to be Murrican (personally I spell it 'Murican' but whatevs). Personal favorites are #2 and #13. Props to roomie Lindsey for finding this.


Beer Glove USA = music to my ears

When starting this blog my goal was to feature all things American (aka 'Murican) but it turns out I have developed a second focus- all things beer related. I even have a 'beer' label which I have added to many a post. I've cornered the college beer market with keg stands and shot gunning beer (and my general willingness to drink cheap beer when necessary- since its practically water, I'm essentially hydrating). I've learned how its made when I visited the Budweiser factory. And most importantly I've done extensive research on beer related fashion in the form of headgear and fancy holders. Well, I thought I was done and then- to my surprise- one morning I got an email from Beer Glove USA (no, I'm not kidding) informing me that I could get a discounted Suzy Kuzy American Beer Mitt. Now I'm trying not to dwell on the fact that 'Beer Glove USA' is emailing me but I think that its because the famous Skuuzi (of which I have purchased four mitts from) has become Suzy Kuzy (winter mitt still available) <--this would be a legitimate reason as to why they would have my email from a previous purchase. However, if this Skuuzi to Suzy Kuzy merger never happened then I might have to question some life choices/purchases but I'm choosing to focus on the positive as Beer Glove USA was correct in assuming I wanted one. Purchased within minutes of getting the email and I've never been happier.


Cook the books Challenge: Smitten Kitchen

Rebecca decided to take on a Cook the Books challenge for 2013 and I'm joining in this month! This really is an awesome idea especially considering in the last week alone I bought three- yes three!!- cookbooks (Amazon Prime I love you). The three cookbooks? Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi (vegetarian), Canal House Cooks Every Day by Hamilton & Hirsheimer (seasonal cooking- its divided up by Month) and True Food by Andrew Weil MS (as the cover says 'seasonal, sustainable, simple, pure'). Cookbooks become addicting fast- the pictures just look so good! I've found that I really have to make an effort to crack them open and pick something rather than obsessively reading food blogs but once I do I'm usually happy with the result.


Life as an AmeriCanadian in 2012

2012 was a good year for this AmeriCanadian...

...took trips to Tahoe, Park City, Indio, Kauai, Vegas, LA, Austin and Vancouver