'Murican Christmas 2012

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. I haven't quite gotten into the spirit yet- mainly I'm dodging tourists and people who apparently forget how to walk in the city like a normal human being for the month of December (I mean seriously?!? you're going to take up the entire sidewalk and go 0.002 miles an hour arrrrgggghhhh)- shopping in downtown SF during the holidays is not fun. I need to get my head in the game since Christmas is a week away- woo hoo!!! I need to stop muttering 'seriously/are you serious right now/you've GOT to be kidding me' to all the tourists and perhaps throw in a 'happy holidays' every once in awhile to mix it up a bit. Or I could avoid it all together by shopping online (where I've done 90% of all my shopping...oh Amazon Prime how I love you). Anyways, here's a last minute gift list if you're stumped on what to get for an American loving family member or friend.


Polk Street Boxing Gym

Awhile ago, I mentioned that I started boxing classes at Polk Street Gym and in my very first 'real' class (aka not the beginner class) a guy spat in my face. In. My. Face. It was completely unintentional, he just happend to have a lot of saliva and when you punch you're supposed to breathe out every time. He just breathed really hard which resulted in me trying not to dry heave since I had gloves on, he was still punching and there was no way for me to wipe my face until the time ran out. Plus he was being super nice and helpful since I was new and I didn't want to be rude...I've learned to smile but avoid him when it comes time to partnering up from then on out. Anyways back to the point- I love boxing!! Initially I was really bad, like really really bad...as in one of the worst one trainer had ever seen (I think he was exaggerating but whatever). BUT I stuck with it and I've been told I'm much improved. 


Weekend Recap

We were told it was going to be a rainy weekend but it turned out to be pretty nice- minus the epic rainstorm that happened Sunday morning. The storm was so intense that it knocked out two windows in my apartment building super early in the morning...also I thought the ceiling would cave in and the worst neighbors ever would fall on me. Anyways, yes two windows shattered because of the weather...crazy town. At least no one was walking around at 5am when shards of glass fell from 4 stories up. And the worst part? My brand new Hunter boots hadn't even arrived yet! JK but seriously, I ran (possibly squealing 'thats for meeeeeeeeeeeee') when the FedEx guy arrived with my Piperlime box yesterday (after repeatedly checking both the FedEx tracking website and weather.com to see when it would rain)...they are so pretty! Definitely a good purchase. And I totally wore them to work today even though there was only a 30% chance of rain...they have yet to be tested splashing through puddles. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.


(Foot)Ballin' at a Christmas party

Well I haven't crossed #24 'Go to a football game' off my list yet but I did go to a party with Joe Montana, Dwight Clark and Joe Staley! How did that happen? Well my roommate's company hosted a party for a tree lighting event in downtown SF where Robin Thicke performed- pretty awesome looking tree eh?

Thanksgiving 2012

Turns out that there is a limit on how many pictures you can post for free on Blogger- good to know. Now that the blog is all fixed up: happy belated-Thanksgiving! Since my parents were in Australia this Thanksgiving (no I was not invited, yes I was super jealous) and Christine's kitchen is in major renovation mode, I 'hosted' Thanksgiving at my parents house. What do I mean by 'hosted'? Well basically I did the appetizers, one roasted veggie dish and set up the decorations...and Christine did EVERYTHING else. It was awesome! It was a sunny day and warm enough to hang out around the pool so we put the apps outside on the bar.