Thanksgiving 2012

Turns out that there is a limit on how many pictures you can post for free on Blogger- good to know. Now that the blog is all fixed up: happy belated-Thanksgiving! Since my parents were in Australia this Thanksgiving (no I was not invited, yes I was super jealous) and Christine's kitchen is in major renovation mode, I 'hosted' Thanksgiving at my parents house. What do I mean by 'hosted'? Well basically I did the appetizers, one roasted veggie dish and set up the decorations...and Christine did EVERYTHING else. It was awesome! It was a sunny day and warm enough to hang out around the pool so we put the apps outside on the bar. 

Dinner did not disappoint as the 14 of us dug into: turkey (obvi), stuffing, mashed potatoes, red cabbage, brussel sprouts with pesto, roasted veggies with pomegranate seeds and dinner rolls- yummm.

For dessert Christine whipped up four (yes four) pies: pumpkin, chocolate (best chocolate pie EVER), dutch apple pie and regular apple pie. So. freaking. good.
After Thanksgiving was done, I cleaned everything up and then sat on the couch catching up on Homeland (amazing show). Then, after sleeping for 12 hours (yes from 2am to 2pm- ugh I'm so lazy), I woke up the next day and made myself a giant plate of leftovers to eat while watching Duck Dynasty. If you have never heard of DD before then get on it- its fantastic. Great Thanksgiving weekend.

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