Life as an AmeriCanadian in 2011

2011 was a good year...

...took trips to Vegas,Vancouver, Victoria, Galiano, Whistler, Tahoe, Park City, LA, Davis and Austin

...Canucks made it to the Stanley Cup finals (lets not dwell on the loss and subsequent burning of downtown)
Not the Canucks playing but awesome seats eh??
...went crazy in SF celebrating Bridget's bachelorette with some of my favorite people 
...celebrated Canada day IN Canada for the first time in 11 years and still made it back to celebrate July 4th in SF...it was a legen- wait for it- dary weekend (I've created my very own How I Met Your Mother marathon thanks to Netflix instant viewing or whatever they call it)
...saw Slater (aka Mario Lopez), Harry Shum AND Snoop Dogg
...bought the best cowboy boots ever (seriously life changing purchase)
...did a lot of snowboarding and had awesome photoshoots like this one:

..oh yea...I BECAME AMERICAN!! Kind of an important one for this blog

... developed some serious American skills...if you're catching up here's what I've been up to: learned how to bake a pie, shotgunned a beer, went to the rodeo, shot a gun (!!!), donated blood (eww), worked on a farm and rode a mechanical bull

Here's to an awesome 2012! I need volunteers to join me on a tour of the Budweiser factory AND the NASCAR race in June...both will require dressing up as a redneck...let me know if you're available. 


  1. Good to remember what a good year you have had! Hoping 2012 will be equally memorable.

  2. I'm in for Budweiser if we can also go to the Jelly Belly Factory!!!!(also in Fairfield)

  3. Mmm jelly bellys...it's a deal!

  4. I will go to Budweiser with you!!!

  5. Glad you've been enjoying yourself! A lot of your "american" things sound semi-redneckish haha. Where are you doing the Budweiser tour? I live about 5 minutes from them in St. Louis. Also, I'm going to Park City in about 2 weeks for my honeymoon, hopefully they get some snow up there. How'd you like it?

  6. Yea Ashley come on down!

    Hahaha yes most of these are super red-necky but that makes them fun! The closest tour to me would be in Fairfield...which, as Rebecca noted, is right near the Jelly Belly factory...two awesome tours in one day! You're going to have so much fun in Park City (congratulations by the way :-))...my favorite resort is the Canyons...I'm going there in March for a few days. Hope you have a great time!