Stagecoach Part 2

So I was planning on posting part 2 of Stagecoach right away (I was all over getting part 1 posted and even found time to discuss wardrobe) but I got distracted by work and then Bay to Breakers happened and then my trip to Hawaii happened...yup HAWAII!! (Can you tell I am pretty excited about it?). So yes quickly finishing up Stagecoach since there was much awesomeness that I didn't cover yet...and then I will Hawaii recap since it was amazing and I want to go there all the time.

Ok, I left off at the end of the concert Saturday night...and we came right back to the RV to kick off the partying. First step was to gear up and by gear up I mean boots on and beer in (my pocket).


Bay to Breakers 2012

San Francisco knows how to have a good time- especially when costumes are involved (ie. Santacon). This city just loves an excuse party especially when the whole idea is as basic as 'get drunk. wear costume'. If you've been to B2B before you know that the 'costume' part is optional and no I don't mean you can wear regular clothes (which you can) but oh no its that naked people LOOOVE to come out for this. It pretty much goes like this: group dressed like bananas, group dressed as tetris, guy in gorilla suit, naked guy with fanny pack, guy in american flag, girls wearing something 'slutty', naked guy in a wig jumping to the music (<-- my eyes! my eyes!) ...you get the idea.

Anyways obviously I decided I needed a little 'Merican in my life and busted out my Uncle Sam shirt and the ever classy camo hat + aviators combo. Rebecca showed up prepared with these delish cookies and Tom had a backpack full of beer whereas I went in the coke+Jameson direction...either way we were set!


A case of the Mondays

Seriously...how is it Monday again already ?!? Hope everyone had a good weekend...mine was full of sleeping, card making, googling, slutty brownie (layer of cookie dough, layer of oreo cookies and layer of brownie to top it off) eating, and celebrating my awesome mom via an epic picnic then dinner at Kokkari! Yumm! After a weekend like that, I'm really really not looking forward to Monday. Anyways here are some American links to help you get through the post-weekend blues:

I'm loving this site - for 100 days, this guy is taking well known objects and painting them white (to remove all branding) so that you can only see the shape...check it out and see how many you can name on just the shape alone. Pretty crazy...#32 totally made me want some.

So it turns out Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter...guess I didn't pay attention in history class ;-) Despite my obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (seriously seriously loved that show...I wanted to BE her), I'm not planning on seeing this one...however Magic Mike is #1 on my must see movie list. I mean how could this not be a good thing?!? As my friend said 'its like the Step Up movie but with male strippers'...sounds like the best movie ever.

If you're thinking of driving across the country (I am- its #38 on the list) then you probably should put together this playlist.

Speaking of state songs, this rap about the 50 states and capitals is incredible...its just so slow jam-y. If you're trying to decide whether or not to listen, these are the lyrics for the chorus: '50 states got 50 capitals/ all around the country, man its transnational/ trying to list them all might sound irrational/ but you gotta start somewhere' ...you gotta start somewhere so true so true...fyi Juno is the boss. And to answer your question, yes I will be listening to this until I get these lyrics down- couldn't hurt to actually know this (yea educational rap!!)


Happy Mother's Day

Celebrating with my awesome Mom!

Patriotic down to my fingertips

So occasionally I wonder if someone has taken the time to America-fy something...you know just get uber-patriotic with say mailboxes, or skillets (which are pretty damn awesome), or shoes...and thats when good ol' google comes in real handy. The other night while randomly googling 'most patriotic <fill in the blank with something random>' I realized my nails were in some serious need of a manicure.

Now before I get the 'you seriously need to get a life' comments, first can I just say that no I don't have a TON of time on my hands to spend hours googling random totally pointless things but its really hard to sleep when the worlds loudest man lives above me...I swear he was either re-arranging his bedroom furniture OR he was doing some pre-summer workouts that involved weights hitting the floor....so yes when I can't sleep, I google. Anyways, this 'in need of manicure stat' realization led me to these pretty epic 'Merican nail art pictures.

Lets start with the classic- just a basic flag:


Patriotic Moment of the day

Backlit flag in downtown SF...this was on our walk home from work where me and my roommate saw a man walking what had to be the worlds tiniest dog.


Stagecoach Wardrobe

So much happened at Stagecoach that I feel like I couldn't do the wardrobe choices justice by trying to fit it into another post...so yes clothing gets its own post. And what a sight the clothes were. As expected, cowboy boots are a must despite the fact that your lower leg will sweat profusely in the 90+ degree weather. Also critical is a cowboy hat (or equally American hat of your choice) as it looks legit AND keeps you from ending up with a bright red sunburnt face (yeah sun safety!). FYI beer box cowboy hats that I found earlier were HUGE at this thing...they even had a booth set up. As we were mostly girls, obviously we had these two down pat! The only boy in our group did not get the memo and was not wearing cowboy boots...unacceptable! Jk

#46 Go to Stagecoach

If you're keeping up with the list you might be wondering why I suddenly added to it- I mean why would I add something to the list that I've already done. Well there's two reasons: 1) I like making lists with things I can cross off right away so I can feel super productive...'write list' check! and 2) had I known how 'Merican Stagecoach would be well then it would have been #1 on the list from the very beginning. Sadly I didn't know about the epic awesomeness that is Stagecoach so I have added it now as an afterthought. Don't take its lowly #46 status to mean it is not amazing because it was truly one of the most fun weekends I've ever had. Combo of college friends getting together + new friends + amazing country music + beer pong/ flip cup/ civil war +4 days camping out with crazy Americans = good times.