Weekend Recap

(Belated weekend recap since I was exhausted on Monday - from watching FNL until 2am the night before- and my computer decided not to connect to the internet last night...ugh)
My weekend in one word: laaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy (say it like Oprah). Seriously, roomie came home at 5:30 Saturday evening and I was still in my pjs. In my defense, the weather was awful, my laundry was done and the whole house was clean so it wasn't a complete waste of a day. Speaking of cleaning the house, I am slightly obsessed with keeping things neat ('slightly obessed' might be putting it lightly). My books are organized by color, my closet is organized by type of clothing then size, I get literally hours of enjoyment organizing things...seriously, just organized my closet 'for fun'. Which is why I'm legit obsessed with High Straightenance and read it all the time. Oh and the other night I found this article 52 ways to organize your home and had to keep myself from running into Lindsey's room screaming that we need a shoe organizer for cleaning supplies (it was 2 am so I worked really hard to control that impulse). Yes I've been made fun of and no I do not care. PLUS its totally made me good at my job where being highly organized/neat and obsessed with details is pretty much a requirement...so yea...flying my freak flag proudly.


Wild Saturday Night

Sugar, butter, chocolate, egg, nasty looking frozen bananas and other baking stuff = makings of a good Saturday night. What, you don't stay in and bake on a Saturday? Weird. Anyways pre-baking, Lindsey and I bundled up (jackets, boots, scarves...yay SF summers!), and headed out for roomie movie night to see The Campaign. So funny! And despite eating an entire box of Sour Patch Kids, I couldn't stop thinking about eating my mom's delish Banana Chocolate Chip muffins....so I busted out my apron and made 'em.


Magnetic America

In keeping with my goal of visiting all 50 states (only done 4 so far...looong way to go), Lindsey and I have decided we need to collect magnets from all 50 states. So far there are a few overlaps (both went to Hawaii this year) and some non-American ones (holla at one of my favorite places in Vancouver- Stanley park!) but we are slowly starting to get a good collection going. Looking forward to adding a Texas magnet to the collection when I go in October for my yearly visit. Bonus: if we get enough magnets it'll hide how ugly our fridge is- win win! So, if anyone wants to go on a trip/road trip to another state and want a travel buddy- you just let me know and I'll be there with Swedish Fish (my fav travel food).


My new ride

Roomie Lindsey found this one when she was out sailing...yup its pretty much perfect for me. 


Weekend Recap

When the fog burns off, SF summers aren't too bad I mean check out those blue skies! We've had a lot of fog lately...A LOT. Probably because its over 100 degrees in the east bay and there's that whole crazy weather thing going on (if you don't know what I'm talking about check out legit Wikipedia info here) but its not much fun. What is fun is taking the long way on a walk to a client's site on Friday and snapping a few photos along the way...I forget how lucky I am to live in this city sometimes and going for a walk is always a good reminder of where I'm at. 


#9 Go to a baseball game

Lucked out on this list item- I got to go to TWO games in one week. Both were last minute and both were tons of fun. First game was with Lea and Rupal who were visiting SF for the summer. They showed up in their Giants gear ready to go! It was Lea's first major league game and my first game as an American.