Oh Boston, how I love thee. Boston put its best foot forward for my visit and I didn't want to leave! First off, my Airbnb apartment was the best- great location (Beacon Hill) and friendly host (who also happened to be a two time olympic rower nbd). I arrived in from Vermont kind of late, so I got dinner at Tip Tap Room (chicken tips + good wine = yum), picked up some food from Whole Foods for breakfast and headed to bed.
My first day was all about Boston's history as I walked along the Freedom Trail. Due to my awesome Airbnb location, I was able to quickly get to the start of the trail which was Boston Commons (the nations oldest public park)- fyi walking through a pretty park with the sun shinning and perfect crisp fall air = heaven. I'll spare you the history lesson of each stop along the trail but favorites were the Commons (super pretty), the Old State House (where the Declaration of Independence was read to the public on the balcony), Faneuil Hall (because I got ramen from Wagamama) and the Bunker Hill Monument (climbed all the way to the top- cool view!). If you find yourself in Boston and want to do the Freedom Trail walk, don't be a moron like myself and have your head in the clouds desperately Google mapping each historic site but rather just look down as there is a clearly marked brick path leading to all sites (found that out half way through the day... hangs head in shame).

After ending up at Bunker Hill, I headed over to wander around Harvard Square and Harvard Yard (only SLIGHTLY different than my UC Davis experience #understatement). From Harvard, I walked down to MIT just in time for things to start closing up for the day so I decided to call it a day myself and headed back to my room. Luckily my walk home was along the Esplanade at sunset with sailboats practicing for the upcoming Head of the Charles event - it was the perfect end to the day! I had high hopes of heading out to a nice dinner but after arriving back, I realized that I walked 9+ miles already and was exhausted. My host arrived back to me lounging on the couch in his living room watching TV eating take out with a bottle of wine next to me (he had told me hanging out in the living room was fine ahead of time)...so basically a regular night of my life but in Boston.
Day two started out by walking through the Commons again on my way to the Boston Public Library with its awesome reading room and courtyard- so fancy! From the library, I went to The Butcher Shop for lunch and could have stayed there forever- delicious charcuterie and cheese! Highly recommend that spot for anyone visiting Boston. After filling up on good food, I wandered over to get a 360 view of Boston by heading to the top of the Prudential Center (the skywalk not the Top of the Hub restaurant). Up on the skywalk I noticed a reflecting pool that I wanted to get a closer look at, it was in front of the Christian Science Center and designed by I.M. Pei (who also designed the Pyramid at the Louvre) and it happened to be on my way to the MFA. The Boston Museum of Fine Arts is incredible....and gigantic! I was there for 4 hours and probably only got through a quarter of it. Since there was no way I was going to make it through the whole museum, I stuck to the contemporary and art of the americas wings- with a little bit of european art thrown in. I worked up quite an appetite walking around and was so happy to eat a delicious meal at Meimei that evening- their magical kale salad really is magical.
My last day in Boston started off with more incredible weather, just in time for the start of the Head of the Charles. I wandered down the Esplanade (seeing boats in the distance) on my way to the Mapparium. After getting a quick lunch, I walked back along Newbury street doing a little window shopping before heading to the airport. I loved Boston and cannot wait to go back!
Still a long way to go but down one more state in my quest to visit all 50 states (as an American).

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  1. Such great photos & descriptions - I felt like I was there with you! So pleased that you had such great weather for your visit.