Weekend Recap

How is it almost Thanksgiving?!? Seriously this year is going by so fast. This weekend was a busy but fun one- dinner and drinks on Friday night, intense workout Saturday morning (our trainer just kept saying 'this is for Thanksgiving' when we would moan or complain- it was actually very motivating since I plan on eating a ton), party at my friend's house Saturday night and a full day of Thanksgiving prep on Sunday. All the food has been purchased and all the decorations have been brought out- now I just have to make the food (I'm doing appetizers and this veggie dish) and get to decorating (my fav part). FYI if you're wondering the best way to make a turkey, Serious Eats asked chefs for their tips/tricks- they also have a page dedicated to all things Thanksgiving related.  Speaking of making food, I am obsessed with my Smitten Kitchen cookbook specifically the Whole Wheat Raspberry Ricotta scones...I've already make them twice with more frozen in the freezer. Seriously wishing they weren't frozen so I could eat one as I write this.


American Mid-Century Modern: Alexander Girard

*Warning I am a huge furniture nerd so this may be extremely boring if you're not*
Last night Herman Miller hosted a presentation on Alexander Girard in their SF showroom. It was the last presentation in a series that traveled to each of their US showrooms and it was awesome! I love me some mid-century modern design so this was right up my alley (I responded in 0.2 seconds when they asked for volunteers to help run the event). HM had set up some of their classics from the relaunched collection (including a pretty awful plaid- totally not my thing but I guess people like it??). Lisa Eames (granddaughter of Charles and Ray Eames) showed up for the lecture and brought a bunch of items from the Eames archives- super cool to see the old textiles, sketches and posters.


Election Night 2012

I had a little election day party on Tuesday night and it was a ton of fun. As a first time voter (holla!), I was super excited to get home, turn on the news and see how things were going. After all the prep work I did getting ready to vote, I wanted to see how it all turned out...major fingers crossed for Obama (half Canadian, young, female, living in SF <-- of course I wanted Obama to win). The red white and blue decorations I picked up from Papersource turned out awesome- very festive for the night. I ordered some pizza to feed us (with lots of leftovers...mmm cold pizza) from Extreme Pizza: Pandora's box, Mr. Pestato Head and Adrenalin Rush (my personal favorite except this time they forgot the 'tangy slaw' which is the best part). Alyse and Rebekah brought over some delish wine from the local wine store (which is awesome and I need to go there more often- good prices and great selection) so we kicked the night off well. 


#35 Vote in a Presidential Election

Check that one off the list! Just like for the primary, Lindsey and I were up bright and early to get our vote on before work. Finally being able to vote for a president is a pretty awesome feeling - be sure to get out there and vote!



Giant's Parade

Apparently baseball is America's favorite pastime which means that when the Giant's won the world series (woo hoo!) I knew I had to attend the parade. A super American event for a team that swept the world series?? I was so in! They held it on Halloween so it was a mix of costumes and black and orange in the crowd. FYI every time I think/say/write 'black and orange' I immediately get the Wiz Khalifa 'Black and Yellow' song in my head...just sub orange for yellow and you can go around with that in your head for hours...speaking from experience. Anyways, I ended up walking over to the Herman Miller showroom which is right on Market street and had a great view (although not as great as Gabby and Kelda's view- they were like 10 feet from the players...super jealous).