Election (Party) Prep

Its almost election time- which means I am getting super excited to vote for the first time. Also exciting? The Giants game! Blogging while watching the game means that I'm typing without looking at my computer...gots some mad skillz up in here. BTW who knew that Kevin Bacon has a new TV show?!?! The commercial was like .2 seconds long since they're trying to get back to the game but I am intrigued. Also I love that he was a part of this. Lastly, the Dorito Taco from Taco Bell is disgusting and NOT available for free at any time...hopefully this warning prevents someone else from showing up at a TB drunk and demanding free tacos (not that I did anything like that ever). Anyways, back to voting, I'll be up early on the 6th to get my vote in before work so I did some prep this weekend by reading my voter info packet while drinking green tea to try and make my throat feel better (if I get sick AGAIN imma be real pissed). Still need to look into a couple of the Propositions a little more but I'm about 80% ready to vote.

What else am I almost ready for come voting day??? Host an election party! Its going to be pretty casual since its a Tuesday and I don't feel like making food. We'll order in pizza, make a quick salad and open up some wine...and whatever everyone else wants to bring. Super easy on the food front but I wanted to step up the decor so I did a little shopping. First up: giant paper starbursts and patriotic star garlands- these need some work but will look awesome when they're done.

I have all the food stuff covered- Murican plates, napkins and mini flags to stick in food. Red solo cups follow my red white and blue color scheme but bad for environment so probs won't be using unless we decide a patriotic game of beer pong is in order (and when is it NOT in order?!?).
So these aren't American at all but I figured these were a fun way of showing how you feel about the election results/coverage.
Lastly the fun stuff: giant Obama head mask (looks super freaky with missing eyes), 50 states triva (holla at elementary school style fan deck) and Charades American version.
 Already got a donkey representing and just need the elephant...looking forward to the 6th!


  1. So glad to see you are spending time preparing to vote!! Party sounds like it will be great!

  2. please come back to canada your country needs you honey americans suck they are gonna be punished by mother nature for their evil deeds across the globe