#45 Learn How to Two-step

Just got back from Texas where I spent a long weekend eating BBQ, shootin (of course), drinking beer, dancing and celebrating Nicole's (aka Bus) Birthday!!! I also got to check another item off the list! Full disclosure: I thought I would have this two-stepping thing in the bag. I mean I spent 10 years dancing when I was growing up- 10 years of lessons, recitals, competitions in jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical and stage..and yet none of that was helpful when trying to learn how to two step. Why? Despite the 10 years I am still SUPER uncoordinated and I am not good at following directions. Luckily I had some kind volunteers willing to teach me. The first unsuspecting victim was the harmonica player of the band at our first night of dancing at Broken Spoke. He started slow just having me do the steps which were simple enough for me to ask him 'Literally two-steps?! Thats it?!?''. After staring at my uncoordinated self for a minute he goes 'oh girl no thats just the basics' and started spinning me all over the place...it was awesome! Spinning is my favorite part hands down. 

The next night we headed out to celebrate Nicole's birthday at Gruene hall and practice even more two-stepping. Nicole's future brother-in-law Aman helped me pick up from where I left off the night before...and don't want to brag or anything but I might be a natural ;-) Just kidding, I repeatedly forgot you had to do two-steps with your right foot before one step with your left (two before one doesn't make sense) so I stepped on many toes. Spinning is still the best. I did find drinking definitely makes me a better dancer. Although the twelve year old I danced with put me to shame so obviously drinking to loosen up is not a fool-proof strategy. Oh well I had a blast! Wish there were places in SF where I could go two-steppin' but I guess I'll just have to wait for Bus' wedding next year...I'm gonna bring my A game to her reception :-)
Another item checked off just 28 more to go- really looking forward to voting next month! Got my voter information packet today and got all excited like an uber nerd in front of my building while going through my mail...winner.

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  1. Really expected that all those dance classes we paid for over the years would have been more helpful :) Glad you were finally able to master the dance. Looks like you had a great time!