#4 Do a keg stand

A fun item to cross off the list: doing a keg stand! I managed to make it through college without ever doing one and so last night at my friend's Chinese new year party we took care of that. 

1. Prep for keg stand...Gabby totally helped me through it. 

#33 Shop at Walmart

It was a gorgeous, sunny day yesterday (don't even get me started on the weather...I'm dying to go snowboarding but that requires actual snow not days where people walk around in shorts and t-shirts) so I decided what better way to spend it than in the fluorescent lit interior of a Walmart crossing off an item off the list. My mom was kind enough to take me and put up with me yawning and complaining about my killer headache (tequila is evil)...best mom ever.

I'm not really a Walmart person...I'm team Target all the way. Knowing I was going in there to get good deals on SPCA supplies made the trip a little easier. My issue with Walmart is less political but rather how unorganized everything is. On one shelf, I found pre-made cupcakes, a baby doll, towels and a lamp....how can people shop like this?? Then theres the fact that the majority of product is cheaply made items which won't last long...lots of plastic, some shiny leopard print bedding, some sweet sweet camo in the whole color spectrum (what am I talking about...camo is timeless!). Anyway, here's the recap:


Americanadian Birthday

Happy 1st (American) birthday Dad! Hope you have a great day. 

Ps. Pic is from our dinner at Anchor and Hope and in front of my Dad would be the maple gingerbread icebox cake with caramel sauce and candied kumquats...are you drooling yet? Because yes, it was freaking fantastic...obvi I helped him finish it. 


Prep for #23

I realized that #23 is going to take some prep and research since it involves getting a patriotic tattoo!!!...yea thats right Mom, I AM taking this blog thing seriously. Some background info:

  • I have zero tattoos despite constantly teasing (some might say tormenting) my mother telling her I got one. 
  • I can't decide where I would get a tattoo...I don't want a stretched out, lopsided tattoo when I'm older but all the places that might not get too messed up (ie foot) sounds like it would hurt...a lot
  • I love tattoos on other people when they're done well (ie. not some of the images below) but how do you decide what you want to have on your body forever? I bet some people are regretting that tribal armband or butterfly tattoo they got 
  • I don't have a fear of needles (which  might work in my favor?) but I am a giant baby about pain. 


Getting my American-ness back on track

I have been totally slacking on my American list these past few months so I'm trying to put a plan together for 2012 so I don't miss anything. Step 1 to getting my Americanadian on? Beer. Took care of that this past weekend with some PBR tall boys.


Life as an AmeriCanadian in 2011

2011 was a good year...

...took trips to Vegas,Vancouver, Victoria, Galiano, Whistler, Tahoe, Park City, LA, Davis and Austin

New Years Fondue Party

What could be better than ringing in the new year with cheese, booze and more cheese?!? It practically screams American...according to an internet search Americans loved a good fondue party back in the day. Anyways, Bonnie, Rebecca and I put together a seriously awesome fondue dinner party (if I do say so myself) to celebrate the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.
Clean living room ready and waiting for people to show up
Donkey paperweight holding down the fort by the olives and nuts