Exploring SF: NOPA

I already covered Hayes Valley, The Mission and The Dogpatch so next on the list was checking out the NOPA area on Divisadero. At least I think this would be considered NOPA- some places identify with Western Addition or Lower Haight on their website...whatevs you get the idea. Elisabeth, Rebecca, Lindsey and Alicia joined in on the fun which was good because the goal of the day was to eat as much good food as possible. We ended up walking so we were able to take a quick detour and stop in the very crowded B Patisserie in an attempt to snag a chocolate banana croissant before starting the food fest- yup all that melted banana chocolate deliciousness combined with buttery flaky goodness mmmm. They were actually out and we didn't feel like waiting plus we knew the eating we had ahead of us so we were willing to take a pass this time around but can I just highly recommend that everyone go here and get a croissant at some point...totally worth it.


Tomales Point Trail

The other weekend I was looking to experience some good ol' American wholesome outdoor fun so I headed up to Point Reyes and hike the Tomales point trail- it was awesome!!! Seriously if you're ever in the Bay Area and looking for a fairly easy hike then check this one out- I mean you get to see tons of elk (photo above is my fav of the day) PLUS you get amazing views like this:

#42 Celebrate the 4th of July

It took awhile but I finally crossed another item off the list! Yup I got all dolled up in my 'Merican finest and celebrated Independence day at my parent's house. Please note the use of my USA beer mitt- best purchase ever! I love my parent's house and affectionately refer to it as my 'summer home'- anytime its foggy in SF its usually super hot and sunny where they're at so its worth the trip over every time (plus seeing my parents is cool too). It was over 100 degrees so I spent most of the day in the pool- mainly lounging with a beer...relaxation at its best.


Best License Plate EVER!

Seen by my coworker on her walk home from work. This person is my new hero.


Summer List

The other night I was lying awake thinking of all the things I wanted to do this summer so since I love me a good list- here they are in no particular order:
  • Go see 'The Way Way Back'
  • Go to Dollar Day at Golden Gate Fields
  • Spend the day in Mill Valley
  • See a movie at a drive-in theater
  • Go paddleboarding
  • Hike all the trails in the Presidio
  • Check out the Exploratorium at night (Thursdays only fyi)
  • Learn how to BBQ
  • Go camping (as much as possible)
  • Play a game of paintball
If you think of anything I should add let me know - I love me some summer activities!


Happy 4th of July!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their day off to celebrate the good ol' US of A. I will be drinking by the pool all day. Hope you're doing the same and if you're at a loss as to what to drink, then we are no longer friends- come on yo! Its not hard! Crack open a brewski and get to celebrating 'Murica's day. Ok fine if you're really struggling I recommend these 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon beers- refreshing, summery and super patriotic with Lady Liberty on the cans = triple win. And now some 'Murican links to distract you for a little while:

-An American flag onesie exists and I don't own one?!?! What is this world coming to??
-Bacon flag print- dress up your apartment plus mmmm bacon
-the weather in SF has been pretty awesome lately so you might need these aviators
-24 proud patriots (omg I'm so sorry but #3 is totes NSFW or for your eyes in general-#7, 13, 19 and 20 also NSFW)
-Totally bizarre pieces of Americana- some are super creepy
-20 things America has done right
-17 epic pieces of presidential fan art
-21 red white and blue desserts- yuuummmm


Canada Day 2013 Eh

This past Monday was the wonder that is known as Canada Day (July 1st for those who don't know) and as a proud Canadian I forgot about my whole dual citizenship thing and went full on Canuck for the day. Now ideally I would like all my Canada Day's to be on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday kind of situation but at least this year it wasn't on a Sunday (unlike last year). So how does one celebrate their homeland while at work in American? Easy! First lots of Canadian flair is needed- basically anything red and white will do but bonus points if a majestic maple leaf is on it.

The most beautiful wall art there ever was

OMGeeeeeeee! How perfect is this?!?! Now just have to justify the purchase when I'm supposed to be putting money away to save up for a super expensive partial crown- I hate the dentist. Ruining all my fun!