#42 Celebrate the 4th of July

It took awhile but I finally crossed another item off the list! Yup I got all dolled up in my 'Merican finest and celebrated Independence day at my parent's house. Please note the use of my USA beer mitt- best purchase ever! I love my parent's house and affectionately refer to it as my 'summer home'- anytime its foggy in SF its usually super hot and sunny where they're at so its worth the trip over every time (plus seeing my parents is cool too). It was over 100 degrees so I spent most of the day in the pool- mainly lounging with a beer...relaxation at its best.

When I wasn't in the pool I was at the bar- my mom knows how to throw a party!! So much good food.
 After we had enough pool time, my cousin Shyla and I headed inside to set up the table for dinner. It turned out this year that all of our guests were Canadian so it was fun celebrating the 4th with them. My mom pulled out all the stops and made awesome chicken burgers, pulled pork and two kinds of delish salad...mmmm sooo good.

After my Canada Day cake, my mom did not disappoint with her American version- red velvet deliciousness.

 Happy 4th from my AmeriCanadian fam!

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