Weekend Recap

Another weekend over...sigh...at least it was a great one. Just a lot of relaxing after a rough work week. Its crazy how I know when things will get bad (we had a project deadline for Friday thats been set for weeks) so I try to prep myself for stress/100000 emails/late nights/etc but it always overwhelms me anyways. Thats when I follow my 4 year-old cousins advice and 'take breaths' <-- he learned yoga in daycare...how cute is that?!? Anyways back to the weekend, spent the day with my Dad on Saturday and laying out by the pool. Sunday was brunch at Baker and Banker (post-half marathon for Rebecca) then I re-organized my closet. While that might sound awful to a lot of people, organizing is one of my most favorite things- seriously, its bad...totally relaxes me and puts me in a good mood. I used to go over to my friends houses in middle and high school and beg them to let me organize their closets (and then judge them when they couldn't keep them clean). And don't even get me started on my love of the Container store (so. many. options!!!).

But all relaxing weekends have to end- at least this Monday morning started off right with some seriously awesome music popping up on my ipod (I forget how many songs I have unless I put it on shuffle- yay for The Movielife) and no overly obnoxious fellow bus riders. What else makes for a good Monday? Links that I love...here ya go:

Wow Buzzfeed's 25 Reasons America Kicks Ass is awesome...number 10 is scarily true. Gotta love a good deep-fried <fill in the blank>...not sure if its more or less appetizing than a Swedish sandwich cake.

Now it turns out that we don't get NBC on our antenna (yup antenna- we're fancy like that), so we can't watch the Olympics which means we are missing out on things like this...amaze-balls.

Feeling like adding a little 'Murica to your living room? There are these state tables- super cute. And this license plate piece is fantastic.

This isn't American related in the slightest but if you feel the need for a new dance move and happen to like horses (Lindsey I expect you to share this at the barn) then this Korean music video is for you- I present Gangnam Style.

Need a quick work break? Check out the ever popular Whilst in SF and my new favorite Suri's Burn Book.

And now back to my latest guilty pleasure- Vampire diaries. I cant. get. enough. Seriously, I'm powering through the episodes on Netflix.


#42 Celebrate the 4th of July

...eh not so much. I ended up being sick and therefore a miserable disaster all day on the 4th so I definitely need a re-do next year. Still I headed out to the beach to celebrate with the fam for a bit. I felt better after eating three cupcakes...three delicious cupcakes baked by my awesome not-so-little-anymore cousin...I swear she'll be taller than me soon! 
 Since it wasn't the sunniest day, the girls alternated between huddling around the fire chatting and playing bocce ball. The boys played a little football and even flew some kites.

It was awesome to get to see family but I was bummed I was under the weather- next year I'll have to go big to make up for it!

Btw- I came across this 'Murican burger on a food blog: ground bacon, thick cut bacon, egg, bacon island dressing and bacon cheddar cheese. Hmm looks like they forgot to add bacon to the bun.


#20 Go to Vegas

Wow....just wow...Vegas is intense! And crazy hot...but it was all awesome since I was lucky enough to go with six of my favorite people. The seven of us get together once a year as a mini-college reunion but it was our first time as a whole group in Vegas! Luckily they'd all gone to Vegas before and were willing to show me the ropes. We stayed at New York New York which was great- didn't end up riding the roller coaster though (we figured hungover + roller coaster = bad combo).


SF turned Urban Playground

I don't know if you could call this video more American than NASCAR but it is incredible:
Love that it was in SF - but can't believe that they were able to shut down so many roads and not cause any problems (CBS San Francisco has info about the shoot here).


Independence Day 2012

'Murican beer pride photo thanks to Rebekah
So Vegas trip happened this past weekend...yup it really really did...I need some major recovery time. Long weekend plus a 3 hour delay (getting in at 11 instead of 8) makes for a miserable Monday morning. Great trip but I'm sooo tired...I'll recap in a few days. In the mean time, I already did my Canada Day prep post so here's a nod to my American side: 

1. Tracey from Shutterbean but together an awesome post about 4th of July foods. If you're trying to figure out what to serve or what to bring to a party she's got answers. I want her strawberry goat cheese bruschetta real bad.

2. Chiara from Oh Happy Day has a cute DIY red white and blue garland idea. Not sold on that one? She also has a giant garland DIY too.

3. Making It Lovely has cute table decorating ideas.

4. Planning a BBQ? Serious Eats has a 12 different homemade BBQ sauce recipes for you to try out.

5. AMERICAN FLAG CAKE!!! Obviously this is my favorite thing ever and someone *ahem Rebecca ahem* needs to make this.

6.  If you aren't sold on the cake I don't know what's wrong with you...I kid I kid that cake looks like a lot of work. Serious Eats pulled together a list of 15 desserts to make...these all look pretty damn good too.

And what will my plans be? Heading to the beach with the family (including my awesome cousins from Vancouver) to play in the sand and eat way too much food...can't wait!