Canada Day 2012 Prep

Its been a busy few weeks and its about to get even busier...at least its all fun stuff coming up! I checked NASCAR off the list last weekend and I'll be checking off going to Vegas this weekend, celebrating the 4th and going to the county fair next week. Some people might prep for a busy week by getting a good nights rest while they can...eh not my style. Instead I stopped mid-laundry and cleaning to bust into the two pounds- yup pounds- of Chimes ginger candies I bought from Amazon (I even signed up for Amazon Prime so I could get these in two days since 3-5 days seemed soooo long<-- new low) and am watching The Electric Horseman.  Cleaning? Packing? Going to bed early? Getting work done? Nope nothing is better than eating candy and watching hot young Robert Redford. 

So for those of you who don't know what Canada Day it's Canada's version of Independence day- celebrating July 1, 1867 when the Constitution Act united three colonies into one country called...you guessed it...Canada. Despite living in 'Murica for the past 12 years I fully know how to get my Canada Day pride on when the situation requires it. Luckily I've got awesome family back in the homeland that sends me supplies- see above photo...how great are those mountie napkins?!?! Thanks Jill! The most epic celebration was two years ago (on a Thursday- keep that in mind) where we went out for dinner and drinks...the night started off so well with us showing our Canada pride:

The fun escalated quickly when bartenders decide that they will pour you free shots of Canadian whiskey to celebrate 'your day'.
Remember how I mentioned this was all on a Thursday? Oh ouch...the epic hangover on Friday was painful but totally worth it because that was the Canada day where I met Adam the drummer from AFI...you can't tell but I am FREAKING out in this picture. I love love love them.
Last year I headed back up to the homeland to celebrate with one of my fav Canadian buddies. Again the day started off so well with us looking all cute and ended in (the now usual) awesomeness. 

Unfortunately this year its on a Sunday (sad noise) buuuuut I will be in VEGAS so hopefully we manage to fit a little fun in. I have to fly home that night so it will perhaps be a less intense fun but still good times will be had...especially since I got some new Canada gear from Roots the other day:
Now if you're wanting to join in the fun here are some ideas:

1. Parties are going on all over America as demonstrated by Canada Day Across America- just check this out if you're looking for some Canucks to hang with. My favorite party name is Canada D'eh.

2. Planning your own party? Here are some ideas to get things started... I love the Inukshuk centerpieces myself. 

3. If you're going to celebrate you probably should bone up on your Canada trivia

4. Food is always critical so here are some good ideas...my favorite was always my mom's cake with flag done in strawberries mmmm. 

5. Here are some DIY decorating ideas...I totally want a Canada day headband. 

6. Get some of the following and drink up: Canadian Club, Molson Canadian or Labatt <-- all acceptable. 

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  1. Hope you have a happy Canada Day in Vegas! Loved the blog post. Didn't do too well on the Canada Trivia quiz unfortunately.