Cruising Around The SF Bay

A few weeks ago, I got to go on the Hornblower Holiday showcase cruise around the SF bay. I was considering having our holiday party on one of their boats so they offered a free trip for companies to come check them out. It was incredible. It started out pretty good with a great assortment of food on the main level (mac and cheese bar? yes please!) along with passed trays of champagne flutes (don't mind if I do). On the second floor they had the dessert bar, candy bar, second DJ (also one on the main level near the photobooth) and, randomly, a guy rolling cigars. But the very best part of all of this was the incredible sunset I got to witness. At first you thought, it was pretty cool seeing the sky behind the city turn all pastel and pretty and then you saw the main event happening beyond the Golden Gate bridge..stunning. Its a great way to experience the city- highly recommend for anyone visiting SF. 

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  1. Thanks Kristen, really nice to see San Fran from the water, which we never have. And LOVE the progression of the sunset--and how the city lights slowly become more pronounced. Keep up the good work!