Prep for #23

I realized that #23 is going to take some prep and research since it involves getting a patriotic tattoo!!!...yea thats right Mom, I AM taking this blog thing seriously. Some background info:

  • I have zero tattoos despite constantly teasing (some might say tormenting) my mother telling her I got one. 
  • I can't decide where I would get a tattoo...I don't want a stretched out, lopsided tattoo when I'm older but all the places that might not get too messed up (ie foot) sounds like it would hurt...a lot
  • I love tattoos on other people when they're done well (ie. not some of the images below) but how do you decide what you want to have on your body forever? I bet some people are regretting that tribal armband or butterfly tattoo they got 
  • I don't have a fear of needles (which  might work in my favor?) but I am a giant baby about pain. 

To help my non-existent street cred, I watched the entire series of NY Ink on Netflix so basically I'm a tattoo expert (ha!) at this point despite never setting foot in a tattoo store. Anyway there are some fantastic ideas out there when I got to googling and I thought I would share. Starting from the top down...
Nice commitment however I would look terrible bald...next
Probably not a good call for work....it would be difficult to accessorize 
Majestic eagle...classic and impressive...I like how it spans his shoulder, chest AND back for maximum effect
Ohhh eagle with a flag...two American elements in one tattoo might be the way to go
Who doesn't love a tattoo with script?! The exclamation point is my favorite part
Does this look like his skin is ripping away to reveal a flag to anyone else?? Totally grosses me out...this would be a what not to do. 
Flag incorporated into eagle...now this is impressive
If I got this one, I would have that damn song stuck in my head FOREVER so no
Again incorporating flag into eagle is cool plus I love the circle
Good to know I can be patriotic AND get a tramp stamp butterfly tattoo
Ok for reals now, I don't want this but its a pretty impressive tattoo...I like that he went historical
Now up for those who really committed to their patriotism...not the direction I will be taking but good for reference. Each will be rated on their American-ness (as judged arbitrarily by me):

Eagle: 1 pt
Flag: 1 pt
Some sort of military reference: 1 pt
Statue of liberty: 0 pts
Inspirational words: 1 pt
Overall artistic merit: 4 pts- I like the bright colors and the eagle is legit...lost a point because I don't like how the black background and white letters look but otherwise, its an impressive entry.
Overall score: 8 pts out of 10
Eagle: 0 pt
Flag: 1 pt
Some sort of military reference: 1 pt
Statue of liberty: 1 pts
Inspirational words: 1 pt
Overall artistic merit: 2 pts- I like the army guys at the bottom but its totally not my style....too cray cray
Overall score: 6 pts out of 10

Eagle: 0 pt
Flag: 1 pt
Some sort of military reference: 1 pt... Uncle Sam wanted YOU for the military right?
Statue of liberty: 1 pts
Inspirational words: 0 pt
*Bonus point: patriotic architecture 1 pt!*
Overall artistic merit: 4.5 pts!! I mean come on, the back fat crease is accentuating the eagles head (tattooer sillz) ...its not really doing Uncle Sam any favors but whatevs. Statue of liberty looks cool but gigantic...not what I would have chosen to have tattooed across a quarter of my back 
Overall score: 8.5 pts out of 10

So there you have it, my research thus far. I already have a tattooer in mind thanks to Rhino by bff bartender. I would say stay tuned but this one will take awhile...not exactly an item on the list I should be rushing into. 


  1. This was so entertaining :) make sure you thoroughly browse ugliesttattoos.com for any ideas of tattoos you don't want!

  2. Omg awesome ideal Mel...I seriously can't believe some of the stuff people get tattooed on themselves!

  3. Check it

  4. Such lovely options that it is hard to decide what to recommend :)