#33 Shop at Walmart

It was a gorgeous, sunny day yesterday (don't even get me started on the weather...I'm dying to go snowboarding but that requires actual snow not days where people walk around in shorts and t-shirts) so I decided what better way to spend it than in the fluorescent lit interior of a Walmart crossing off an item off the list. My mom was kind enough to take me and put up with me yawning and complaining about my killer headache (tequila is evil)...best mom ever.

I'm not really a Walmart person...I'm team Target all the way. Knowing I was going in there to get good deals on SPCA supplies made the trip a little easier. My issue with Walmart is less political but rather how unorganized everything is. On one shelf, I found pre-made cupcakes, a baby doll, towels and a lamp....how can people shop like this?? Then theres the fact that the majority of product is cheaply made items which won't last long...lots of plastic, some shiny leopard print bedding, some sweet sweet camo in the whole color spectrum (what am I talking about...camo is timeless!). Anyway, here's the recap:

Whats this?!? American pride as you enter the door...yea thats right...what up 'Merica

Check out the golden arches...and for the first time in forever I got an order of small fries...totally helped with the whole evil tequila situation
Cake, donuts AND sprinkles! If I was 13 I would be in heaven but now I look at that and think 'Ugh clogged arteries) 
Yessss! Camo! I was so excited I couldn't hold the camera steady hence blurriness  
Unlike in SF, plastic bags are allowed and people were using them in mass quantities. Despite the fact that Walmart does sell reusable bags (step in the right direction) when I handed the cashier my reusable bags, it was like I had handed her a bomb...I've never seen anyone move so slowly or been so confused about the whole process.

 Here's my loot! 10 bath towels and 2 leashes for just over $45 (fleece blankets from REI aka one of my fav stores ever were on sale)...can't wait to drop these off and play with some adorable dogs. Going to try really hard NOT to take a dog home with me...both me and the roommie are in major dog withdrawal so this could prove to be very difficult.

As a side note, the last time I remember being in a Walmart was in high school. I was in an aisle looking for school supplies and there was no exit, you had to get out the aisle the same way you came in. This guy with slicked back black hair in a ponytail, tight pants, shirt unbuttoned to mid chest and necklaces blocks the aisle and goes 'You have the nicest legs I've ever seen'...being alone, 17 and TOTALLY creeped out I gave him my best death stare pushed my way past him and never went back. My mom's reaction (its the  polite Canadian in her) was 'You could have at least said thank you'. 

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