Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE me some BBQ...like legit obsessed with BBQ. I talked about it for weeks leading up to my last trip to Austin and was not disappointed...actually I was disappointed that I physically could not eat more of the deliciousness that is Black's BBQ. So when I read a Serious Eats article (totes thought I had read it in Sunset magazine and spent a good 20 mins trying to find it before realizing it was SE) about Hi Lo BBQ opening up in SF, I was all over it! As a post- exploring the Dogpatch dinner we headed over there Sunday night and I was literally struggling to contain my excitement. All my pics are blurry because I was moving so quickly just trying to get to the counter to order- per usual I had already looked up the menu and decided what I wanted to order.


Exploring SF: The Dogpatch

After getting some stress out at the batting cages I ended up walking downtown and wandered through the Dogpatch. I was planning on heading there on Sunday with friends so it was cool to scope it out a bit beforehand. After getting the lay of the land, I headed home to get ready for girls night. Rebecca, Elisabeth and I ate an amazing dinner at Pacific Catch then got our drink on with Bonnie along Polk street. Per usual I obviously used good judgement and totally did not over indulge on whiskey (lies! totes did!) and giant donuts the size of my head (double lies! so good!).


#54 Go to the batting cages

Checked another item off the list this weekend! I was up bright and early Saturday morning to go to the batting cages...well that was the plan but in reality I was up at 12 and even then I didn't actually do anything for a good 45 min. Anyways, once I got going I ubered over to Potero hill to check out the SF Baseball Academy. It was pretty far out and in the middle of a bunch of warehouses (uber driver for sure thought I had the wrong address) but once I figured it out it was easy to find.