Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE me some BBQ...like legit obsessed with BBQ. I talked about it for weeks leading up to my last trip to Austin and was not disappointed...actually I was disappointed that I physically could not eat more of the deliciousness that is Black's BBQ. So when I read a Serious Eats article (totes thought I had read it in Sunset magazine and spent a good 20 mins trying to find it before realizing it was SE) about Hi Lo BBQ opening up in SF, I was all over it! As a post- exploring the Dogpatch dinner we headed over there Sunday night and I was literally struggling to contain my excitement. All my pics are blurry because I was moving so quickly just trying to get to the counter to order- per usual I had already looked up the menu and decided what I wanted to order.

First off the space is AWESOME! Seriously such a cool look with a mix of seating options: big tables for large groups/different groups, smaller tables around the perimeter and a mezzanine area upstairs that looked really cute. There is a giant beach mural on the wall which is gorgeous and awesomely simple chandeliers- oh and all the wood on the walls are scorched which makes sense for a BBQ joint. You walk in and order at the counter before sitting down and they don't take reservations (luckily it wasn't that busy on Sunday night).
When the food came, I was not disappointed! I went with the St. Louis-cut spare ribs and they were fantastic (comes with pickles and corn muffins). We split three sides: fried brussels sprouts (my fav), collard greens (with bacon mmmm) and animal style (grits on the bottom, baked beans in the middle and collard greens on top)...all sooo good. As a group we decided the ribs and the moist brisket was the best- the lean brisket needed lots of BBQ sauce and the pulled pork sandwich was pretty salty. Overall it was a great experience and I can't wait to go back for more food!

Note to self: if doing batting practice again bring gloves- a super painful blister happens if you don't. I'm sure I was holding the bat all wrong so most likely user error (who gets a blister on the side of their thumb?!?) but whatever.

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  1. Would love to try the BBQ place - will have to put on our list next time we're in the City for a family dinner!