How I roll...

Fashionable, American AND environmentally friendly thanks to my lovely reusable tote bag from Kelda and Gabby. First lady of fabulous is right!

American Brunch

Since becoming an American, I've had to rely on my uber-American friends for support and guidance during this difficult time as I try to learn the ways of the American people...they have not let me down. 

My roommate Bonnie kicked things off with a celebratory American brunch after I passed the citizenship test. The delish feast included a main course of bacon (and lots of it), breakfast strata with basil and tomatoes (seriously the best breakfast food ever) and fruit salad...Americans love fruit salad. 
Photo by Bonnie- I was too busy stuffing my face to take a picture 


#1: Shotgun a Beer

First American activity is checked off and at a BBQ no less (very American)...ok here's how it went...

Step 1: Get beer- extra points if its patriotic 

The American list- first 20

Now that I'm officially an American (woo!) I figure its time to bond with my new country so I can truly feel American-ized. I've started a list of American activities- with lots of help from friends- and will work my way through them...some will be fast (make a pie) and some will take some planning (trip to DC) but I'll do my best to work through them.

So here it goes, the first twenty things on my list in no particular order (and yes I've done some of these before but not as an American so starting from scratch)...
1. Shotgun a beer
2. Learn how to BBQ
3. Go to a rodeo
4. Do a keg stand
5. Go to a monster truck show
6. Do a beer bong
7. Learn how to shoot a gun (yikes)
8. Bet at a horse race
9. Go to a baseball game
10. Visit Washington DC
11. Donate blood
12. Read a classic American novel
13. Visit New York
14. Drive a truck (and not hit anything)
15. Make an apple pie
16. Work on a farm
17. Sell lemonade
18. Go to Disneyland
19. Go fishing 
20. Go to Vegas

Have any ideas on what I should add to my list? Let me know!


Its official!

I'm an American citizen after going through my oath ceremony. They swore in 1201 people from 109 countries at the Oakland Paramount theater (awesome building!). Lining up before going inside was chaotic to say the least. 
Can you find me? Not many Canadians came out for this.  
View from the audience looking up into the balcony.