American Brunch

Since becoming an American, I've had to rely on my uber-American friends for support and guidance during this difficult time as I try to learn the ways of the American people...they have not let me down. 

My roommate Bonnie kicked things off with a celebratory American brunch after I passed the citizenship test. The delish feast included a main course of bacon (and lots of it), breakfast strata with basil and tomatoes (seriously the best breakfast food ever) and fruit salad...Americans love fruit salad. 
Photo by Bonnie- I was too busy stuffing my face to take a picture 
After feasting on as much bacon as humanly possible, we attacked the amazing desserts created by Nikole and Rebecca. I mean how American are these?!?! So impressed ladies so impressed. I was given a pop quiz about the cookie flag - for all you non-Americans there should be 13 stripes as Tom pointed out. Details details- it was amazing.
Nikole's creation mmmm cookie pizza
Not only did Rebecca run a half marathon that morning (woo!) she also made these amazing white chocolate dipped and blue sprinkled strawberries! Its so American I can hardly stand it...loooove! AND healthy because strawberries are fruit so win win.

I love the flags too- very patriotic

After all that food, I promptly went to my room in a food coma and took a three hour nap. Thank you to everyone who came to the American brunch- you guys are awesome!

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