Big Sur Road Trip

Over Labor Day weekend, I decided to take a little solo road trip down the California coast. It was just me, Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance on audiobook (hilarious fyi) and Highway One.

Luckily it was just me in the car since the minute I started seeing that famous Big Sur coastline I was freaking out and trying really hard to keep my eyes on the road. Its just so beautiful that you have to pull over (bottoming out the Zipcar the first time...oops) every 5 minutes. If you're me, you pull over, leave the car running (finding parking is for amateurs) jump out, take in the view, snap a picture and jump back in the car! I left SF Saturday morning and stayed in Aptos that night so I didn't have a ton of time with all the driving I needed to do- hence jumping in and out of car for photos- so I was all about maximizing my time. I narrowed my list of 'must sees' down to three for my first (of many I'm sure) trip to Big Sur: Bixby Bridge, McWay Falls (with a little extra hiking thrown in) and Garrapata Beach at sunset. Check, check and check- and now onto the pretty pictures...
After a great night's sleep at my Airbnb in Aptos, I woke up to a cuddly cat who wanted some attention- she was very sweet. First things first was a quick walk to the beach, afterwards I packed up and headed over to Nisene Marks state park to do a little hiking before heading back to the city. It was the perfect long weekend- need to road trip more often!  

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  1. What a wonderful trip, and such beautiful pictures!!