#36 Meet a Rockstar

Just so we are clear, I LOVE Mest ...hands down favorite band ever...E.V.E.R. So when the chance to hear live Mest songs again happened, I was all over it! Was it the same as a few years ago? No but it was so amazing to see Tony up there and killing it again...so much fun! I might be 27 (ahh seriously!?!?) but I was jumping and moshing like college and I LOVED it.  
 Me and my favorite


CHiPs Style Tourism

You know how you can live somewhere for awhile and you kind of forget how there is all this awesome stuff to see and do? Yea well at least that happened to me, so when my friend Kelda emailed us about getting the Go Car SF Groupon I was all over it. We decided to go this past weekend and it was soooooo much fun. I mean seriously, combine the 'mini car that drives like a motorcycle' fun factor plus stylish helmets and shades and basically we looked like this but cooler:


Weekend Recap

Flowers make everything better...apartment looks fancy now 

Pre-dinner party for friends (check out those americanadian prints)
Got a third roommate for the weekend...I am in love. His name is Dog and he is awesome. 
Dog loves running on the beach
 Dog also loves treats...just look at that focus
 Dog was braving the freezing cold water at Ocean beach
 Freezing cold but gorgeous...I love this city
 Me and my new bff mid-run
 Me and my new bff that night...I think someone got a little tired running on the beach
 Sunday walk found this place...I need to check it out! Love me a good pub
 Especially one with an awesome red door (my mom dreams of a day when her door is this color)
 General SF pretty
Sunny, clear day = great view
A little American pride to finish off the weekend...I am also working on finishing off the rest of my peanut butter pretzel brownies...umm yea thank you Joy.  


Cooking like an American

Work has kept me crazy busy lately (working on weekends sucks! Especially when you're fielding calls from clients...I mean really! Don't they want to enjoy their Easter too?!?) so I've got some catching up to do with the blog. I haven't been able to cross anything off the list in awhile but I have some activities in process: #26 Join a kickball team (done and will fill in details soon), #20 Go to Vegas (hotel is booked, just got to get a good deal on a flight) and #27 Join the army (yikes stay tuned on that one). 

So in catching up, I thought I would start with a cooking class I did a couple of weeks ago with some friends at Kitchen on Fire in Berkeley. We signed up for the Art of the Wok class and since we made 'American' Chinese food, I figured I could talk about it here :-). It was sooo much fun and the food was delish! Seriously, I'm like a wok pro at this point.