Weekend Recap

Flowers make everything better...apartment looks fancy now 

Pre-dinner party for friends (check out those americanadian prints)
Got a third roommate for the weekend...I am in love. His name is Dog and he is awesome. 
Dog loves running on the beach
 Dog also loves treats...just look at that focus
 Dog was braving the freezing cold water at Ocean beach
 Freezing cold but gorgeous...I love this city
 Me and my new bff mid-run
 Me and my new bff that night...I think someone got a little tired running on the beach
 Sunday walk found this place...I need to check it out! Love me a good pub
 Especially one with an awesome red door (my mom dreams of a day when her door is this color)
 General SF pretty
Sunny, clear day = great view
A little American pride to finish off the weekend...I am also working on finishing off the rest of my peanut butter pretzel brownies...umm yea thank you Joy.  

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