Off the Grid: Twilight in the Presidio

There's a blog called Fun Cheap SF and I follow it like a champ! Some of the events aren't really my thing but their goal is to find fun and cheap events in SF which is exactly what I love to do. When I saw an event that promised campfires, cabanas, booze and food trucks I knew we had to check it out! It's called Twilight in the Presidio and its going on every Wednesday in October- next week is the last one...major sad face that its already over. We went for the first time on the 9th which also happened to be Rebecca's birthday! Since all birthday girls need a cabana (seriously- I only want to spend my birthday in one from here on out- cabana on the lawn, on the beach, by a pool...many options) I got there suuuuper early to snag one of the cabanas since we figured it would be packed. I swung by the amazing Suzy Cakes to pick up some cupcakes and who do I run into but the birthday girl herself! After picking up pretty much all the cupcake flavors available (hands down favorite was the flourless chocolate cake with espresso frosting) we headed over to the main lawn to set up camp. We got there at 4 (event started at 5) and weren't even the first ones there! Umm yea this is the view by the way:

Not too shabby eh? Yup so we set up camp in our little cabana which came with a battery powered lantern and blankets (you don't even have to BYO blankets!!!) and took a look around while we waited for things to get going. First thing that stood out was the fact that all the cabana's are numbered so you can text your drink order to the bar and have it delivered to you. Pretty fancy stuff- the drinks are strong (even for me) but the wine was really good. Another bonus? If you want to save a little cash you can bring your own drinks since the Presidio is not on the list of parks where open containers are prohibited. 

After planning out our drink order we took a look at all the food trucks to see what looked appetizing. That night they had burritos from The Burr-eatery, empanadas from El Sur, meatballs from Red Sauce Meatballs (delish by the way), seafood from the Edgewater Fish Company, Vietnamese from Little Green Cyclo, and if you didn't plan ahead then there was a delish looking dessert of creme brulee from The Creme Brulee Cart.

What did I eat? We were there for all of 10 seconds before I saw the BBQ truck and pretty much exploded with excitement...I mean come on!! Look at that menu!! The Boneyard is where its at! I had the Cally bowl with potato salad subbed for the beans and have never enjoyed a food truck meal more- loooved it!

After dinner we sang Rebecca happy birthday (for her 3.5th time) and ate cupcakes...I also took the opportunity to drunkenly devour the remainder of her bday cake from the previous weekend (Suzy Cakes chocolate layer cake with strawberry frosting- still amazing days later). Adorbs bday photos taken during the waiting period before everyone got there...and before my phone ran out of battery. 

Also before everyone got there, Rebecca got an awesome bday gift from the BF. Tiffany's blue bag/box holding a matching Tiffany blue ladybug necklace for the 30th birthday win!

Bottom line: awesome event!! So glad we got to go- and super glad that Rebecca got to have it be her bday! I however don't recommend wrapping up the evening drinking wine straight from the bottle with your roommate...wine hangovers are the WORST. 
Only problem with this amazing event is that unfortunately everyone else agrees. When we went the next week we got there around 6:30ish and it was packed! And most of the trucks ran out of food- so I mooched off those who got there before I did. Friends went out this past Wednesday but I had to skip it due to another (very) late night at work. I won't be missing the last one this Wednesday though although I plan on arriving early and eating right away! So amazed that Off the Grid puts on such a fun event every week- wish it started earlier or kept going until later in the year- one month isn't long enough! 


  1. that looks SO cool! Who dreamed that up? I'd love to live in SF...

  2. Such a fun event and birthday celebration! Awesome documentation and recap!