Election (Party) Prep

Its almost election time- which means I am getting super excited to vote for the first time. Also exciting? The Giants game! Blogging while watching the game means that I'm typing without looking at my computer...gots some mad skillz up in here. BTW who knew that Kevin Bacon has a new TV show?!?! The commercial was like .2 seconds long since they're trying to get back to the game but I am intrigued. Also I love that he was a part of this. Lastly, the Dorito Taco from Taco Bell is disgusting and NOT available for free at any time...hopefully this warning prevents someone else from showing up at a TB drunk and demanding free tacos (not that I did anything like that ever). Anyways, back to voting, I'll be up early on the 6th to get my vote in before work so I did some prep this weekend by reading my voter info packet while drinking green tea to try and make my throat feel better (if I get sick AGAIN imma be real pissed). Still need to look into a couple of the Propositions a little more but I'm about 80% ready to vote.


Video Overload

This is not very American of me but I didn't watch the debate tonight...yup first time I get to vote and I haven't watched a single debate but thanks to Twitter and Facebook I have a general idea of how things went. I have some homework to do before I go vote- lots of taped debate watching will be happening this weekend. I might not have watched the debate but I did watch the Giants WIN (!!!) and since baseball is America's favorite past-time, I think its probably just as important. Anyways I have been finding some awesome videos that need sharing and who really wants to work on a Tuesday morning?!?!


Austin Vay-Cay 2012

Since my favorite Bus (aka Nicole) lives so far away in the wonderful city that is Austin, its become a tradition that I visit her every year for her birthday weekend. I've already covered the dancing and the eating (and yes I felt slightly nauseous when all that food was listed out one after the other) so heres the rest of the trip. We started off my first day shopping and eating along South Congress- I found some cool old political buttons in Uncommon Objects.Then of course we had to head into Allen's boots where I was tempted to buy the 'Murican themed red white and blue boots...unfortunately they were $700 and I stupidly put myself on a budget so I had to turn them down.


Eating my way through Austin

Last year I was all about taking pictures of the cows we saw in Austin but since they're not there anymore (boo), I decided to try and take pictures of everything I ate. I would like to say that these are just the highlights but in reality for the meals not included, I either: 1) quickly forgot this photo-taking goal when food was placed in front of me or 2) was so desperate to eat what was in front of me (hello strawberry cheesecake ice cream from Big Top) that the picture was blurry and unusable. Oh well, you get the idea.


#45 Learn How to Two-step

Just got back from Texas where I spent a long weekend eating BBQ, shootin (of course), drinking beer, dancing and celebrating Nicole's (aka Bus) Birthday!!! I also got to check another item off the list! Full disclosure: I thought I would have this two-stepping thing in the bag. I mean I spent 10 years dancing when I was growing up- 10 years of lessons, recitals, competitions in jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical and stage..and yet none of that was helpful when trying to learn how to two step. Why? Despite the 10 years I am still SUPER uncoordinated and I am not good at following directions. Luckily I had some kind volunteers willing to teach me. The first unsuspecting victim was the harmonica player of the band at our first night of dancing at Broken Spoke. He started slow just having me do the steps which were simple enough for me to ask him 'Literally two-steps?! Thats it?!?''. After staring at my uncoordinated self for a minute he goes 'oh girl no thats just the basics' and started spinning me all over the place...it was awesome! Spinning is my favorite part hands down.