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This is not very American of me but I didn't watch the debate tonight...yup first time I get to vote and I haven't watched a single debate but thanks to Twitter and Facebook I have a general idea of how things went. I have some homework to do before I go vote- lots of taped debate watching will be happening this weekend. I might not have watched the debate but I did watch the Giants WIN (!!!) and since baseball is America's favorite past-time, I think its probably just as important. Anyways I have been finding some awesome videos that need sharing and who really wants to work on a Tuesday morning?!?!

First up: video of a whiskey barrel being made at the Brown Forman Cooperage in Louisville. I love watching how things are made and I thought this one was especially well done. Since Blogger is supported by Google its not letting me insert the video so you need to go here to check it out.

This time-lapse video of the space shuttle Endeavour's trek across LA is cool to watch:

Its weird to see San Francisco so empty but I love this video- makes me happy that I live in such a pretty city:

Not that I would ever be able to afford to buy a home in CA but if I did I would want an Eichler or something along those lines (obviously this would be my second home after the giant mansion I plan on buying- hey a girl can dream). The people in this video are a tad pretentious but their homes are beautiful (minus some seriously ugly furniture choices)- I want the one at 2:30:

When I hear 'pumpkin carving' and 'common household tool' I think of a knife but this man prefers a Colt 1911...to each their own:

Urban Outfitters went to Tuscan to check out the Lisa Frank headquarters...couple thoughts: 1) I didn't even realize they still sold Lisa Frank stuff so thats just nuts, 2) I love the dancing bear and 3) working there must be sensory overload/borderline seizure inducing:

I was trying to explain to my Dad the other night why I love wombats so much- here is the answer in only 4 seconds...cutest marsupial ever!!!:

Lastly, if you haven't watched BBC's version of Sherlock then you are missing out- it is awesome!!! I'm totally obsessed and I even got the roomie hooked on it now too. My dad was the one who got me watching it and he was so right...check it out, its on instant Netflix.

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