Canada Day 2012 Prep

Its been a busy few weeks and its about to get even busier...at least its all fun stuff coming up! I checked NASCAR off the list last weekend and I'll be checking off going to Vegas this weekend, celebrating the 4th and going to the county fair next week. Some people might prep for a busy week by getting a good nights rest while they can...eh not my style. Instead I stopped mid-laundry and cleaning to bust into the two pounds- yup pounds- of Chimes ginger candies I bought from Amazon (I even signed up for Amazon Prime so I could get these in two days since 3-5 days seemed soooo long<-- new low) and am watching The Electric Horseman.  Cleaning? Packing? Going to bed early? Getting work done? Nope nothing is better than eating candy and watching hot young Robert Redford. 


#28 Go to a NASCAR race

This past weekend by friend Rebekah and I headed up to Sonoma to check out the NASCAR Sprint Cup series race. Technically the main race was on Sunday and we were there Saturday so I think this list item might eventually need a redo but for now I'm considering it checked off. We got to see the practice laps for Sunday so basically its like we were there and all NASCAR-fied. On Saturday it was the Pick-n-Pull Racing to Stop Hunger 200 NASCAR K&N West Series Race. What does that mean? No idea...my NASCAR knowledge is pretty much: cars go round a track, cars try to be the fastest, cars try not to crash....yup sums it up pretty good right? 


Weekend Recap

Another weekend is over but this one was a little different because it finally felt like summer! It was so hot that my friend Shiri and I hit the beach (along with the rest of the city) to enjoy it. I now have the weirdest sunburns ever- for example I have a 1" by 4" oval burn on my arm...umm seriously, how did I apply sunscreen so poorly?!?! After the beach, Rebecca and I walked over to the North beach festival- it was packed! We got some food (meat on a stick<-- always a good call) and took in the sights-I love how they decorated this window:


Hawaii Vay-cay

Quiet beach, sunny day, new book, cold beer and marinating in sunscreen...what could be better?!?! Nothing...actually sea turtles would make that better but more on that later. Bonnie, Rebecca and I decided we needed a girls vay-cay earlier this year and settled on Hawaii (3 states visited- only 47 more to go)!! We woke up bright and early (and I mean early...5 AM<-- ugh) to make our flight. Quick fyi: the flight to Hawaii is 5 hours not 3 hours...now THAT was a fun surprise when I got to the airport (always need to account for that pesky time-change). We got in with plenty of time to hit the beach...which was incredible! I ran around taking pictures because I couldn't get over how perfect it was...super sandy beaches, gorgeous blue water and coconut trees everywhere (which made sense after I found out we were on the Royal Coconut Coast <-- so fancy).


S'more Party

I missed my roomie's bday recently since I was in Hawaii so we celebrated a little late...but that didn't matter since we celebrated with s'mores!! Mmmmmmm. I was all over these growing up in Canada and I totally made some delish s'mores at Girl Guide camp...no big deal but I'm basically a marshmallow toasting pro. Since this is an American blog, I'll side with the Smithsonian (whoa legit right?!?), which says s'mores are more American than apple pie <--fightin' words right there. American treat or Canadian treat- who cares!?! These are awesome!


#35 Vote in a (primary) election

For the first time in 27 years I voted!! Pretty excited about this whole thing! I even woke up early so that my roomie Lindsey and I could hit the polls before work...I was real American and I hadn't even had breakfast yet.

Yea thumbs up for voting! Excited for what I refer to as the 'real' election in November then I can officially cross it off my list (don't really want to count a primary as my official list item).

And yes I was sporting my 'Merican shades to vote...obvi.


#26 Join a kickball team

 Another one checked off the list- I joined a kickball team! Bonnie and Rebecca decided they wanted in  as well so we went online and picked the team with the best name (since we didn't know anyone) and ended up joining the Bad News Beers (runner up for best name in my opinion was Tequila Mockingbird). Going into this I thought this would be super easy since I played kickball as a kid although in Canada we called it California Kickball- maybe because we played it outside? no idea. Yea not the case...I suck at playing kickball! Attempting to catch the ball turns me into a full on spaz: awkward panic expression, arms flailing, high pitched noises coming from my mouth...its just all bad. I am getting better at kicking the ball though and made it to 3rd base in our last game.