Weekend Recap

Another weekend is over but this one was a little different because it finally felt like summer! It was so hot that my friend Shiri and I hit the beach (along with the rest of the city) to enjoy it. I now have the weirdest sunburns ever- for example I have a 1" by 4" oval burn on my arm...umm seriously, how did I apply sunscreen so poorly?!?! After the beach, Rebecca and I walked over to the North beach festival- it was packed! We got some food (meat on a stick<-- always a good call) and took in the sights-I love how they decorated this window:
Then we hit up the Bell Tower for dinner where Rebecca and I both had alcoholic Arnold Palmers (who is a real person! didn't know that until his name came up on the TV showing US open coverage) and I got the mac and cheese with truffle oil mmmm.

I've got a lot coming up in the next few weeks: NASCAR this Saturday, friends coming for a visit this Sunday, Vegas trip next week, Canada Day on July 1st, family coming for a visit and July 4th! Its a lot but it all sounds fun so I can't wait! My wardrobe for the 4th will have the following included (all recently purchased on Amazon.com (how great is the fanny pack!?!):

Along the same lines, look at what I bought my brother for his birthday- yes those would be American flag beer pong board shorts...best present ever. 
This is not at all American related but felt like sharing the awesomeness... I am obsessed with these Chimes ginger chews. Bought a pack at Walgreens because I liked the packaging (I'm a total sucker for good packaging) and it turns out I loooove these. I'm not a huge ginger fan (except for in cookie form: my mom's, Bonnie's and the good old ginger snaps) but I am eating my way through these like its going out of style...can't get enough. 
Ps. After finishing watching Dance Academy on Netflix (and sobbing my way through the last three episodes...I mean talk about pulling at the heartstrings...still its amazing and you should totally watch it), I've moved on to watching The Kennedys thanks to Bonnie's recommendation. So far I'm loving it! Not sure if its all 100% true but really interesting either way...basically I'm getting my American history in via movies...I think this is a good way to go.

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