2 Americanadians + SF = Crazy times

I've let my American blog-ness fall by the wayside...I could easily blame it on work (which is crazy right now) but really I blame addicting TV shows like Giuliana and Bill. In 48 hours, I've watched every episode available on Netflix....yup two seasons in two days because 'I need to know what happens!!'. Lets think about that for a second, I watched a reality show filmed 2-3 years ago for two days in order to find out what happens to two people I don't know...umm yea could have saved a lot of time using good ol' Google (which has a super cool architecture logo today btw). But whatevs! I totally had a partner in crime because Shay came to visit!!!! And she agrees understands my love of Bill Rancic...if you don't get it just watch the show...he's awesome.


'Merican Beer Headgear

It turns out that not only are there some awesome ways to hold your beer, there are some equally awesome ways to show your beer allegiance on your head in the form of hats. And not just standard baseball hats, no no no this goes further ...much further. Sun protection + stylish + letting people know what you would like to be drinking = win win win.


Patriotic Moment...

Saw a little American pride on my way through Chinatown tonight on my way to North Beach for dinner at Cafe Divine (mmm Gingerbread cake)  



Thanks to Groupon (and my friend Kelda for telling me about it) I am now the proud owner of four Skuuzi's...yes four, obvi I need a few backups plus double fisting is totally American. Whats a Skuuzi? Basically the best invention EVER! Its the original Scandinavian koozie...allow me to demonstrate:
Holding that beer like a champ!! Plus my hands are toasty warm and there is no threat of the beer sliding out of my grasp...highly recommended! Well this got me thinking of the many ways I should be holding my beer.. I mean, why the hell should my hands be cold just so I can enjoy a delicious beverage?!? (Ideally enjoyed post-snowboarding...still keeping my fingers crossed for a big storm)

'Merica Fashion Statement

Ummm yea I seriously need this shirt:


First American Wine Tasting

For my Dad's birthday gift this year, I got him a wine tasting bike tour with Napa Valley Adventure Tours. They have a couple different options but we went with the 'Savor the Experience' package and it was a blast. It was just me and my dad on the trip so we got to spend lots of time talking to the winery owners/staff and learned a lot. Plus I didn't have to worry about strangers watching me trying to ride a bike while tipsy...you know except for the 100+ strangers in cars that drove by us.