Canada Day 2013 Eh

This past Monday was the wonder that is known as Canada Day (July 1st for those who don't know) and as a proud Canadian I forgot about my whole dual citizenship thing and went full on Canuck for the day. Now ideally I would like all my Canada Day's to be on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday kind of situation but at least this year it wasn't on a Sunday (unlike last year). So how does one celebrate their homeland while at work in American? Easy! First lots of Canadian flair is needed- basically anything red and white will do but bonus points if a majestic maple leaf is on it.

A key item to any successful Canada day is a bad ass flag cake- NBD but I'm basically a pro cake decorator at this point cuz that shit is totes awesome. Its a cool look AND super easy- store bought funfetti cake (aka the best kind), yummy vanilla frosting and some carefully placed strawberries (dry them a little or they slide all over the place). I say stick with something simple in case your cake ends up looking something like this (although please note the 'Murica cake fails- my fav are the cupcakes that say 'SUA'). Canada plates and mountie napkins are a crowd pleaser- don't forget those- thanks again Jill!! She's keeping me stocked with Canada pride plates and napkins- gotta represent.
Now you might want to rush the cake cutting process but before you go ahead and take a knife to that cake masterpiece, be sure to put on some Canadian music (examples include but are not limited to: the national anthem, Robin Sparkles 'Lets go to the Mall', any of these albums or anyone from this list). We stepped it up a notch in my office with BK holding the flag and AD helping it billow in the non-existent wind - extra bonus points for both of them wearing Canada mittens.

So cake is amazing but whats even better is some good old fashioned refreshments. I went the whiskey+ginger route for our Canada Day themed happy hour- plus it gave me a reason to bust out my super cute paper straws. This is my new favorite drink- only downside is they are suuuuuper easy to drink (learned my lesson awhile ago on that one) so I gotta check myself before I wreck myself and go easy on a school night. Still was a fun night- can't wait for next year!!

A little extra Canadian for you:
-30 DIY-able manicures for Canada Day - I have no patience for nails but maybe you do
-18 crafty ways to show your love for Canada - looks like I'll have to step it up next year
-The 29 most Canadian things to ever Canada in Canada - oh Buzzfeed how I love you

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