Giant's Parade

Apparently baseball is America's favorite pastime which means that when the Giant's won the world series (woo hoo!) I knew I had to attend the parade. A super American event for a team that swept the world series?? I was so in! They held it on Halloween so it was a mix of costumes and black and orange in the crowd. FYI every time I think/say/write 'black and orange' I immediately get the Wiz Khalifa 'Black and Yellow' song in my head...just sub orange for yellow and you can go around with that in your head for hours...speaking from experience. Anyways, I ended up walking over to the Herman Miller showroom which is right on Market street and had a great view (although not as great as Gabby and Kelda's view- they were like 10 feet from the players...super jealous).

 Managed to catch a glimps of Bruce Bochy with the trophy:

 Tim Lincecum is the black dot in the blue car to the right...while the 9th floor makes for an impressive view, it also makes seeing the players a little hard.

 One of my favorites Sergio Romo was having a blast! Running around and yelling- it was so fun to watch him get all excited.
 Panda!! Pablo Sandoval was MVP so he closed out the parade with his trophy.

 Now for the pics of all of us pressed up against the window trying to see what was going on. HM put on a good party- lots of food and drinks were on out and I most definitely helped myself:

So fun- I think we should do that again next year ;-)

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