Election Night 2012

I had a little election day party on Tuesday night and it was a ton of fun. As a first time voter (holla!), I was super excited to get home, turn on the news and see how things were going. After all the prep work I did getting ready to vote, I wanted to see how it all turned out...major fingers crossed for Obama (half Canadian, young, female, living in SF <-- of course I wanted Obama to win). The red white and blue decorations I picked up from Papersource turned out awesome- very festive for the night. I ordered some pizza to feed us (with lots of leftovers...mmm cold pizza) from Extreme Pizza: Pandora's box, Mr. Pestato Head and Adrenalin Rush (my personal favorite except this time they forgot the 'tangy slaw' which is the best part). Alyse and Rebekah brought over some delish wine from the local wine store (which is awesome and I need to go there more often- good prices and great selection) so we kicked the night off well. 

Rebecca and Tom came on down to celebrate (please note their voting stickers-very appropriate accessory for the occasion) and brought red velvet cupcakes with star sprinkles! These were amazing and I definitely ate more cupcakes than a reasonable person should...mmm cream cheese frosting. Quick side note: Rebecca just made the best sweet potatoes EVER...its like pumpkin pie in dinner not dessert form (the duck was also amazing).
Alicia came over and made red, white and blue sangria. Please note the fact that her and Lindsey cut the pineapple into star shapes...bonus American points right there. I love me some sangria.

Second best part (after seeing that Obama won) was playing with the Obama mask I bought online...best $9 I've ever spent. Here are some different sides to Obama:
'Two-thumbs up for Ohio' Obama
 'Cheers to Pennsylvania' Obama
 Voguing Obama
 Jazz hands Obama
 Zen Obama
 'Waiting for Mitt to call' Obama
 Considering where the country was at 4 years ago, I think a lot has been accomplished but there's still a long way to go. Looking forward to another 4 years with this guy in charge.

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