#9 Go to a baseball game

Lucked out on this list item- I got to go to TWO games in one week. Both were last minute and both were tons of fun. First game was with Lea and Rupal who were visiting SF for the summer. They showed up in their Giants gear ready to go! It was Lea's first major league game and my first game as an American.

We were way up high which meant we had a great view of the stadium and the ships. Luckily it wasn't really cold out so we didn't freeze. I did however manage to dump 1/2 of my beer on myself. Quick tip: if you're holding your beer cup between your teeth because you're climbing over rows to get to your seat and need two hands you know what you shouldn't do? Try to talk. Yup..beer ALL over myself. 

Despite the distance from the field, my camera has a crazy awesome zoom so we caught quite a bit of the action from the game. As well as some killer dance moves from a guy only a couple rows down...he was feelin' the music.

After watching the game for bit we decided we were in need of hot dogs and garlic fries. Baseball games are pretty much the only time I'll eat either of those and they were awesome...how come hot dogs taste so amazing at baseball games??

After hot dogs and beer we decided more beer was in order...however at that point we were FREEZING and decided that watching the game from the relative comfort of a bar would be a good idea (plus paying $9 for a beer was starting to get painful). And what better bar to go to than my favorite 'white trash' themed bar Butter. Why do I love Butter? They serve you 40s in a paper bag, my favorite bartender is named Rhino AND you can order a white trash driver (vodka and sunny-D). Oh and you can order some seriously disgusting deep fried food that seems like the 'best idea ever!!!' after a few drinks. Which is how I ended up trying one of their deep fried twinkie's with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles. And yes I worked out like crazy the next day.

Game 2 was a little more laid back (aka no crazy night out at Butter afterwards) but just as fun. My friend from bootcamp picked up some free tickets at work so we went after a particularly brutal workout last week (carrying weights up and down the Coit Tower stairs for what seemed like FOR-ever).

Despite the brutal bootcamp session my appetite was back as soon as we got to the game...so I quickly downed two delish hot dogs. Claudine held off a little longer then ended up with a beer + pretzel dinner...always a good call.
The game was good (we won!) and we even went up to her company's suite at the end to check out the view. The seagulls were everywhere! Seriously, absolutely insane how they took over the stadium once everyone cleared out.
Another item checked off the list...hmm what to do next?

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  1. Hot dogs at baseball game are the best! Hot dogs and beer are the only reason I will even go to baseball games!