#34 Ride a Mechanical Bull

During my LA vacation the opportunity presented itself to check another item off the list...riding a mechanical bull. Initially we went inside for giant margaritas but were sucked in watching wasted people try to ride a bucking bull. Now THIS guy knew what he was doing:
My bull riding hero
He's got it all: ten gallon cowboy hat, an inflatable costume that makes it look like he's riding a bull all the time (awesome) AND above all else just look at that form- arm up, eyes up and ready to go. Unfortunately his fall punctured the costume and he tripped on it trying leave the ring (resulting in multiple face plants) but after a performance like that I knew I had to give it a shot. My 'this is an awesome idea!' face....

My 'what was I thinking??' face

And we're off!!

Lots of fun! But I don't think I'll be trying real bull riding any time soon...I hear real bull riding doesn't have super soft landings like this...plus the whole could result in serious injury thing. Bottom line = one step closer to being uber American. 

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  1. Love it! I've totally been there but was 16 and with my mom and sisters, so no bull riding for us :)