Polk Street Boxing Gym

Awhile ago, I mentioned that I started boxing classes at Polk Street Gym and in my very first 'real' class (aka not the beginner class) a guy spat in my face. In. My. Face. It was completely unintentional, he just happend to have a lot of saliva and when you punch you're supposed to breathe out every time. He just breathed really hard which resulted in me trying not to dry heave since I had gloves on, he was still punching and there was no way for me to wipe my face until the time ran out. Plus he was being super nice and helpful since I was new and I didn't want to be rude...I've learned to smile but avoid him when it comes time to partnering up from then on out. Anyways back to the point- I love boxing!! Initially I was really bad, like really really bad...as in one of the worst one trainer had ever seen (I think he was exaggerating but whatever). BUT I stuck with it and I've been told I'm much improved. 
Normally if I randomly start something it is so I can check an item off my list but 'learn to box' isn't on my list of American-ness...instead there was a Living Social deal that I just couldn't pass up (10 classes for $45- best deal ever!!). The best stress relief after a hard day at work? Hitting heavy bags. I was pretty intimidated at first since I didn't want to hurt myself (if you know me then you know that I am extremely accident prone) but now that I've gotten into it and learned some technique, its so much fun! The bag work is my favorite at this point since I'm still working on getting up to speed with the combos- for some reason it takes me awhile to catch on to what we're doing. I've learned I need to always partner with someone better than me for a couple reasons: 1) I am competitive and don't want to be shown up, 2) they give me pointers, 3) they are able to avoid me accidentally punching them in the face and 4) they're less likely to punch ME in the face.

I usually take classes from Hank, Derek and Simon and I like that they each have a different style. Hank's classes focus on cross training and are most my bootcamp classes which I like. Simon's classes are tough and the combos are more complex. He also likes to make sure you're working hard- in my second class I stopped to take a break and from accross the room I hear 'Kristen get your feet moving and your hands punching or you can't come back!'...it worked. Derek's classes are cool because he often focuses on defensive drills and power punching; however, he also likes to do 'nightmare' workouts. Nightmare workouts are circuits written on the board and you do them over and over again for 20 mins...burpees, push ups, squats, etc. Brutal. At least they have music playing all the time- its super fun hitting the bag when Hit 'Em High comes on. 
Another reason to love this place? They threw a huge 5 year anniversary party and invited everyone (including me who had only been there for a week and a half). There was free food from a taco truck (I had thirds- it was free!!), free drinks (free + drinks = best party ever) and fighting. Great party (from what I can remember of it). 
And if you're still not sold check out this video:

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