Super Bowl 2013

Last year I checked off an item on my list by hosting a Super Bowl party but this year was a little different. The biggest difference being that I was suuuuper hungover..I kid I kid...the biggest difference is that the SF 49ers were in the Super Bowl. So exciting! Rebecca and I rallied and headed to a local bar to watch the first half of the game. I rallied from a fun night of drinking but Rebecca was rallying from running a half marathon (and setting new PR) in the AM! Despite said half marathon running there was no talk of soreness, instead Rebecca got to hear about how bad my head hurt and how hard it was to get out of bed at 12:30 (yup cry me a river right?) all the way to the bar- luckily for her its a short walk.

 We were pretty surprised at how few people there were since we thought it would be way more crowded. When a couple left, we managed to score a spot at the bar with a good view of all four TVs AND easy access to Guiness (mmm delish). Everyone was having a good time (at least at first) but none more so than the bartenders- I have never seen two people more drunk and attempting to do their job...it was hilarious and a disaster all at the same time.
 Luckily Rebecca and I both thought ahead and were sure to wear red and black to blend into the crowd. We saw our friend Pete at the bar and one of the first things he said was 'oh good you're both wearing red'...glad that we represented well (would have been super awkward otherwise). Rebecca's sister Rachel joined us at the bar and we stayed until halftime when we left to go watch Beyonce from home.
Unfortunately a stop for some ice cream (mmm Ben and Jerry's) meant that I showed up right as Beyonce was finishing her show. Thankfully I can watch it online- umm hello Destiny's Child reunion!! Awesome! Rebecca had planned ahead and had lots of snack food and delish chili for us to eat while watching the second half. And we were so good, between the three of us we knew what was going on and were cheering, yelling and freaking out when appropriate. Thankfully both Rebecca and I watch Friday night lights sooo we had plenty of commentary to add. The only part that wasn't so great was that it took us a good 20 mins to realize the lights were out- Rachel was the first to notice that they kept filming the ceiling and the players weren't doing anything (I thought a long mid-game stretch sesh was normal <-- oops).
One of the best parts of watching the game from home? Getting to use my brand new Suzy Kuzy Murican Beer Glove. We went for a quick post-game walk to try and make room for ice cream (mission accomplished) and saw some sad Niners fans. I don't want to steal their thunder because I'm not a 'real' fan- just excited to cheer on a hometown team- but it was such a bummer. Next time Niners, next time!

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