Razmataz Weekend 2013

Utah vaycay! Bonnie's uncle Tim organizes a big ski/snowboard trip every year to Park City and I've been joining in for the last four years. We stay in this awesome cabin near the Canyons resort- close enough that we take a shortcut home from the resort and end up tobogganing down the icy street on our snowboards (so. freaking. fun).

The trip is actually a week long but we usually just go for a few days so we're not taking up too many work days. This time we flew in late Wednesday night and then stayed up till 3am drinking and catching up with returning Razmataz-ers and meeting new ones (another Canadian this time!). Then it was up and ready for snow 'early' Thursday morning <-- lets just say we were on the mountain before noon and leave it at that. We hit up Canyons on Thursday (gorgeously sunny but icy- check out me trying not to slide backwards down the hill below) and on Friday (light snow- just enough to cover the ice). The rest of the group hit up a couple of the other resorts during their stay too: Park City Resort (cool mining stuff), Brighton (I'm a big fan- small but fun) and Alta (never been- skiers only boo).
Everyone asks how Park City is and to be honest I've only ever had brunch and dinner there once- we spend all the time at the cabin since theres so much to do. And by 'do' I mean 'drink'. Tim is super organized (we're talking multiple Excel spreadsheets) and has all the meals planned out, food and booze purchased before anyone ever gets there. The recycling bin is full of cans and bottles by the time we leave. Like she's done in years past, Bonnie's aunt pulled out some wine and gave us a lesson one night which was awesome (she's a collector and super knowledgeable). Unlike years past this year we broke out the shot ski and had a great time Thursday night with that thing <--I cannot believe we never knew it was there!! Best invention ever!

We don't spend all the time drinking- we also play games while drinking. We busted out Cranium and had an intense game going. My team won but I had very little to do with that- my teammates were really good at guessing and knowing things.
And then there's my favorite spot- the movie room. It gets super warm and cozy in there and l had some epic naps through two movies (Three Amigos and Animal House). I managed to make it through Oh Brother Where Art Thou- unfortunately I've been calling it Band of Brothers which is a very different movie- and it was better than I thought it would be. 
All in all it was a great weekend full of snowboarding, friends, good food, ping pong and a future skier who liked having bowling pins put up his shirt so he could pretend it was a jet pack (he is beyond adorable). 
Another state down (technically down last year but I forgot to write about it soooo this year totally counts) and another magnet on the fridge!. 

Ps. Please note the awesome chair lift in the photo above- the seats are heated. Over the top? Perhaps but it is sooooo awesome after sitting on your butt doing up your bindings all day.

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