Mother's Day 2013

Meant to write this one awhile ago but better late than never! We lucked out with amazing weather for Mother's Day so we met my mom at the Ferry Building to load up on some caffeine before walking to the Dogpatch for our Mother's Day festivities. I also gave my mom her Rickshaw Golden Gate tote present which came in handy as we picked up stuff along the way.

My mom is a die hard Giants fan and couldn't help but stop and peek through the gates when we walked by the stadium.
 Our first stop was at Wine Works and it was so much fun. There was a really good variety of wines and they partnered with the cheese shop down the street so there were good cheeses to pair with the wine- always a winning combo. My mom even found a new favorite wine!
After wine we headed to Piccino's (a win from my previous day in the Dogpatch) and I had the most amazing pizza (and more wine of course): prosciutto, ramps, peas, farmers cheese and topped with Avacado...sooo good. For desert my brother and I split the olive oil cake with lemon, strawberry, rosemary and pistachios...also amazing. Piccino's does not disappoint- food, decor, service is all fantastic!
We wandered around a bit more before making a mad dash to catch Muni (running through oncoming traffic is always a good way to get your heart racing and make for a memorable day with your mom). Another great day in the Dogpatch!

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