Austin in 36 Hours

I love living in SF but so far the hands down winner for favorite city to visit is Austin- friends, food and music...what more could you ask for?!? I've done a pretty good job keeping track of all my trips to my favorite southern city here on this blog but this time was a little different- I was only in Austin for 36 hours so I had to make it count! I flew in to oversee a job for work so I had to spend time at the jobsite but luckily my friend's apartment was 5 minutes away so I got to spend lots of time with her. During my lunch break, I met my co-worker over at Z Tejas in the Austin Arboretum which was a super cool spot and AMAZING, TO DIE FOR cornbread...for serious.

After work I met back up with my friends and we headed on over to The County Line for some BBQ (my favorite food).  They recommended the lake location and as soon as we got there I could see why- check out the scenery!

Notice all those little heads sticking out of the water? Yup, sooooo many turtles just hanging out looking for food- they were super cute.
Not only was this a fast trip but it was also the last trip where my Bus was still a single lady- her and Dan got married on Memorial day weekend!! Love the two of them!

Now onto the food- spectacular!! I don't think I said a word once my plate was in front of me as I was too busy eating. Ribs? Fall off the bone delish and perfect amount of sauce. Potato salad? Perfection. Coleslaw? Crunchy and tangy. Fantastic BBQ spot and I can't wait to go back on another trip!

Now what's a trip to Texas without some 'Murican pride photos: 

Classic and no I didn't buy either of those boots- have my eye on another pair. 

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