Has this week seemed crazy long to anyone else? I spent all Monday thinking it was Tuesday and all day Thursday thinking it was Friday...sooo glad it is actually finally Friday. Here are some links if you need a mental break at the end of the week like I usually to:
-I love a good cheeseburger every now and then but turning the buns into bread cheese aka giant slices of cheese to create the Bread Cheese Bacon Double Cheeseburger seems like an overkill...and a heart attack waiting to happen.

-ok super late on this but it considering I was the biggest JTT fan ever (its embarrassing and we don't need to discuss it) this quiz is crazy accurate it finding your 90s dude perfect valentine.

-ever watch New Girl? ever wonder how they play the most amazing game ever aka True American? Well here's how.

-everyone wants to know if I say 'eh' but no one ever asks me if I say 'moscovadoey' - heres the definition as well as a couple other Canadianisms (for the record I have only ever heard of 2, 6, 15, 19, 21 and 24)

-kinda cool to see what the White House looked like completely gutted in 1950.

-if you like to buy American made products check out the Tumblr Fuck Yeah Made In USA- great name: clear, concise and to the point...I like it.

-I've started watching these Women Who Make America documentaries and I really like them so far- I mean narrated by Meryl Streep so how can you go wrong?

-obligatory cute animal post because I look at these every single day at work- its hard to be stressed out when you look at cute puppies...its how I get back to my 'happy place'- #1 is my favorite but it was a close call.

-awesome way to waste time: The Pony Mixer...trust me

...and last but most definitely not least the guy who dances like there's nobody watching and with such sass you can't help but love him. It even tops an old favorite dance video.

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