Patriotic from head to toe...

I'm winding down from a fun weekend (my headache this morning indicated that maybe I had too much fun) by watching The Notebook and online shopping. Looove that movie and yes, I cry every single time I watch it. Now, I was supposed to be looking for things I can buy other people for Christmas buuut after some creative googling I came across some fabulous footwear that would be a perfect addition to any AmeriCanadian girl's closet...just sayin'

I wear through running shoes pretty fast walking around the city and bootcamping- as it turns out that there are many options which are both patriotic AND functional.

Despite being comfortable, I can't spend all my time in runners so thankfully there are some dressier options for work.

Heels are all well and good but if you know me (and you know how cold SF can get) then you know I love a good pair of boots...plus it's a lot more surface area for patriotism. 

 Not that we get much of a summer but when it does roll around its nice that there are some options.

 And last but not least is my favorite...I'll let the picture speak for itself:

FYI my shoe size is 9 1/2...


  1. They are all so lovely, I'm having a hard time deciding which ones to buy you for Christmas. I might have to order one of each :)

  2. Perfect, I've been looking for a way to add a little 'pop' to my outfits and what better way to do it than with stars and stripes...I'm glad you got the hint

  3. Have you see these?! http://ryanlochte.com/store/

    1. Hahaha omg - I mean, total respect for being this bad ass swimmer with major skills but why does he have to be such a douche?!? His push to make 'Jeah' popular needs to stop