For my awesome family and friends...both American and Canadian :-) Since it won't be Canadian Thanksgiving tomorrow, this is like over a month late for them...my bad, I love my Canadian fam and friends and miss them All. The. Time.

One huge thing that makes up for missing my northern peps (and Vancouver) is that I get to live in San Francisco!! I'm so thankful that I live in such an amazing city...here are some pics I've taken while wandering around SF (taken and edited with my iphone...hence the weird borders). There are A LOT of pics and to be honest this is a pretty selfish post (awkward to be selfish on Thanksgiving) but its going to get cold and foggy soon and I would like to remember why I love living here. Pretty soon Muni will be insanely crowded (like 'busting at the seams' crowded or 'no concept of personal space' crowded) with sick people (ugh) trying to escape the rain. 

Justin Herman Plaza- pretty then but now the temporary home of Occupy SF

Justin Herman Plaza from the air via ziplining- can you tell when they put on the breaks? Very lucky I didn't drop my phone :-)

View from my office conference room
At the top of Fillmore looking out over the Marina
Overlooking downtown
Baker beach
Bay Bridge
Snowboard competition in the middle of the city? During 80 degree weather? Perfect!

Clarion alley - a must visit when you come to SF

Cute bird mural 

Random house in the Mission

Accross from Irish Bank...just chillin'

Windmill in Golden Gate park...random

Legion of Honor

Also Legion of Honor
Ok Canadian family and friends, jealous? If so, COME VISIT!!! A fairly uncomfortable futon (I'm working on making it better) is waiting for you :-)

PS. The American list can now be found at the top of the home page...easier to keep track of what I need to be doing

PPS. I'm ignoring the advice of my mom and posting more post-blood donation pics...if nasty bruises don't make you gag then its safe to check these out...for people with this problem (ie. Rebecca and Alyse) just ignore.


  1. Great photos, they really show some of the unique aspects of San Francisco.

  2. Love all the pictures Kristen,you are so lucky to live in such a great city.........It makes us want to come back, We <3 San Fran too.